I don’t see myself doing a mass commercial anytime soon: Actor Anand Deverakonda

Anand is happy to have paired up with a Telugu-speaking actor — Vaishnavi Chaitanya — in his upcoming film 'Baby'.

ByY Sunita

Published Jul 11, 2023 | 12:21 PMUpdatedAug 10, 2023 | 1:08 PM

Anand Deverakonda

After making a mark for himself in the industry with his performances in Dorasani (2019), Middle Class Melodies (2020), and Pushpaka Vimanam (2021), Anand Deverakonda hopes to win the hearts of audiences with Baby now.

The film, directed by Sai Razesh, is releasing on 14 July and the actor appears confident of its theatrical run.

“My father saw the film and he is proud of my work. My brother and mother are yet to watch it,” he told South First.

‘Don’t like to be in a bracket’

Pushpaka Vimanam

‘Pushpaka Vimanam’. (ananddeverakonda/ Instagram)

In his previous films, Anand Deverakonda came across as a troubled youth embroiled in some issues and trying his best to fix them or come out of them.

Asked if Baby falls in the same genre, he said, “People do see me as the boy next door. I have these relatable films and I connect with them easily. But every movie is of a different genre. I have been an underdog in those films. But in Baby, I play an auto driver.”

He dons a gregarious avatar in his next film Gam Gam Ganesha.

The actor insists that he doesn’t choose scripts that put him in a bracket. “I listen to many stories and then gravitate to the ones that I end up liking and doing.”

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‘Never pictured myself in mass roles’

Middle Class Melodies

‘Middle Class Melodies’. (ananddeverakonda/ Instagram)

About the kind of roles he plays, Anand remarked: “I don’t agree with the fact that particular stuff works and others won’t. I need to break out of that. Also, I can’t play an over-the-top cop role after playing an underdog. For certain people, one film clicks in a big way, and you want to design around how people perceive it.”

He further added, “I never pictured myself in mass roles. Even if I do something like that, it will be an Asuran (2019) kind of film where situations demand action and don’t look forced. I don’t see myself doing completely commercial mass entertainment right now.”

Asked if he knows his best angle and profile on the sets, the young actor noted, “I leave it to the director to figure it out. I’m not someone who looks into the mirror too much, nor do I go to the monitor to see myself.”

“In every shot. I prefer the director to tell me what’s good and not. I trust him. At a high level, you understand the emotional arc of the character. There are many degrees to various emotions, and you have to extract them. It is a learning process, and it will be forever,” he said, in a matter-of-fact tone.

Anand Deverakonda observed that every director has a different style of getting an emotion out.

“One has to try and figure out their speed and wavelength and get in sync with them. The primary goal is to satisfy him. Sometimes, you may or may not disagree. Even if he says okay, you would want to check the monitor and want to give it another shot.”

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On Baby

Anand Deverakonda in Baby

Anand Deverakonda in ‘Baby’. (Anand Deverakonda/ Twitter)

Baby has given Ananda a range in terms of performance. The writing is reportedly incredible, and he is happy to have paired up with a Telugu-speaking actor (Vaishnavi Chaitanya) in the flick.

About Vaishnavi Chaitanya, he said, “Vaishnavi Chaitanya and I had so many scenes. We discussed how to get them right. Vaishnavi is a great find for the role. She is brilliant and this is her debut as a female lead.”

When asked what Baby is about, the actor was reluctant to spill the beans and played around with his words hoping to pass the gist.

“It is an intense love story. The soul of Baby is the girl. There is love between me and Vaishnavi. The rest is how life’s situations change the course of the journey.”

He hastened to add: “It is also about who the person that comes in between the couple. How is he affecting the story? Not every love story is successful, right? The prime character Viraj Ashwin is the catalyst.”

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More than a love story

Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in Baby

Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in ‘Baby’. (Anand Deverakonda/ Twitter)

The title Baby is a universal term one refers to for a lover. The woman refers to a man as a “Baby” and vice-versa. It is a catchy title and the team felt that it would hook the audience.

They reportedly checked if there was this title available and got it registered. “It has a different ring to it. We are sure to make a mark for ourselves,” he quipped.

When prodded to say a bit more about the film, Anand Deverakonda relented.

“There is a romantic comedy angle, too. We learn the lovers are drifting apart. Are they fighting these situations or are they eventually coming together is something worth a watch on the big screen.”

“Though the Tamil film 96 (2018) is a love drama, it becomes intense at a point. Audiences found it relatable. That will be the case with our Baby, too” he sounded confident.

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