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South First — as the website’s name suggests — will aim to provide accurate and non-partisan news from the Southern States; and more importantly, create a platform for informed analysis of politics and policy in the region. No aspect of our lives is unaffected by politics, be it economy, social welfare, public health, or even cinema. Hence the focus on politics and policy.

Even as we embrace India’s abundant diversity, we are of the view that there is no better time than now to shine a light on its polity, and the growing friction between the Centre and the States.

Not without significance, perhaps, we are headquartered in Hyderabad. Geographically, the city lies nearly in the middle of the country, sitting as it were at the crossroads of culture. This, arguably, gives us a good perch to gaze upon the sharp, ongoing, socio-cultural transformation around us.

We have assembled a small group of committed journalists who will faithfully, and fearlessly, report on varied issues. We expect to tap a larger pool of talented freelancers, who we think will vastly expand the range of our coverage, besides bringing new perspectives and insights.

For now, we seek your attention — and perhaps a bit of indulgence — as we get started on this journey.

Vasu Gandikota
Founder & CEO

Our Team


Shibi Alex Chandy

Managing Editor

Anusha Ravi Sood

Executive Editor
VVP Sharma

VVP Sharma

Editor (Opinion & Special Projects)

Chetana Belagere

Health Editor
Arkadev Ghoshal

Arkadev Ghoshal

News Editor

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