Adiyae review: A romantic drama that stands strong on lead pair’s chemistry

The first half of 'Adiyae' is a delight to watch, with the romantic portions between Jeeva and Senthazhini working like magic.

ByManigandan KR

Published:Aug 25, 2023

Director Vignesh Karthick Adiyae
An enjoyable watch.

Adiyae (Tamil)

  • Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Venkat Prabhu, Gouri G Kishan, Madumkesh, and Mirchi Vijay
  • Director: Vignesh Karthick
  • Producer: Prabha Premkumar
  • Music: Justin Prabhakaran
  • Runtime: 2 hours 19 minutes

Director Vignesh Karthick comes up with a romantic drama titled Adiyae.

The film works primarily because of the fantastic chemistry between the lead pair of actor GV Prakash and actress Gouri Kishan.

Vignesh smartly uses the concept of an Alternate Reality to infuse an element of humour in the romantic drama, which is by and large entertaining.


Jeeva (GV Prakash) is a happy-go-lucky school student who is madly in love with Senthaazhini (Gouri G Kishen), his schoolmate and a gifted singer.

GV Prakash in Adiyae

GV Prakash in ‘Adiyae’. (GV Prakash/ Twitter)

However, fate delivers a cruel blow to Jeeva when his parents suddenly die in an accident, leaving him helpless and in penury.

The boy’s close friends come to his aid and he starts staying with one of them. Time flies by and Senthaazhini goes on to become a popular singer while Jeeva is still yet to find his feet in the world.

A disillusioned Jeeva is on the verge of taking his own life when he gets to hear Senthaazhini, in an interview, speak about a letter from her first fan that motivated her and helped her rise to this position.

She admits that she has a crush on the person who wrote the letter, but confesses that she does not know his identity.

Her statement brings back Jeeva’s desire to live as the letter she is referring to was written by him.

However, when he decides to go to Senthaazhini and disclose that it was he who wrote that letter, he meets with an accident which teleports him to another alternate reality.

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Alternate reality

GV Prakash and Gouri in Adiyae

GV Prakash and Gouri in ‘Adiyae’. (GV Prakash/ Twitter)

In this world, things are pleasantly different. Jeeva finds that his name in this world is Arjun and that the love of his life, Senthaazhini, is actually his wife.

Initially, it is confusing and scary for poor Jeeva, but he soon figures out that this is an alternate reality and that this is not the real world which means he is going to be moved back to the real world after a particular point.

He slowly begins to understand how the concept of alternate reality works and tries to use it to find the right opportunity to express his love to the girl he is madly in love with.

Does he succeed? Do Jeeva and Senthaazhini live happily ever after? Adiyae gives you the answers.

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What works

Vignesh Karthick directorial Adiyae

Vignesh Karthick directorial ‘Adiyae’. (GV Prakash/ Twitter)

The first half of Adiyae is a delight to watch, with the romantic portions between Jeeva and Senthazhini working like magic. In fact, the first half is more engaging and truly romantic in nature.

The movie dwells more on Arjun’s life with Senthaazhini.

Their life together as husband and wife and their conversations, while appearing simplistic and funny at the surface, actually emphasise the significance of trust and loyalty in a relationship.

The second half is not as classy as the first. But still, it manages to entertain with Jeeva’s character flitting in and out of the Alternate Reality world.

Adiyae, by and large, works because of four reasons.

The first is the fantastic chemistry between the lead pair.

The next is the manner in which the director clearly explains the concept of Alternate Reality and how it can keep changing.

The third big factor that makes the film tick is Justin Prabhakaran’s music which breathes life into several sequences.

The fourth factor that makes the film enjoyable is the humour it provides.

RJ Vijay, who is fast turning into a bankable comedian in Tamil cinema, does a clean job of cracking jokes that find their mark.

In terms of the performances, both GV Prakash and Gouri Kishan excel. They work as a team, and as a result, their characters complement each other well.

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Final take

Adiyae is not a perfect deal. It has its share of lapses, the most significant of which is the lag that one experiences in the second half.

But if that can be sidelined, Adiyae, for all practical reasons, comes across as an enjoyable entertainer.

(Views expressed here are personal.)