KCR has given up efforts to unite the Opposition; he will be CM again after Assembly polls, says KTR

KTR says the BRS will retain power in Telangana by winning 90-100 seats, dares Opposition parties to name their chief ministerial candidates.

BySumit Jha

Published Jun 01, 2023 | 7:28 PM Updated Jun 01, 2023 | 7:28 PM

KTR KT Rama Rao

Expressing confidence that the BRS will “easily win” the upcoming Assembly election in Telangana, the party’s working president KT Rama Rao said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be back in office for a third term.

He also said that the chief minister has given up efforts to unite the Opposition parties against the ruling BJP at the Centre. Instead, he is focusing on presenting the “Telangana development model” to the country.

During an informal chat with reporters in Hyderabad on Thursday, 1 June, Rama Rao — known as KTR — said the BRS would win 90 to 100 seats.

“Our Chief Minister KCR will again be sworn in as chief minister,” he said.

Elections to the 119-member Telangana Assembly are likely to be held in November-December.

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KTR, the minister of IT and municipal administration and urban development, dared the Opposition BJP and Congress to name their chief ministerial candidates for the upcoming polls.

“If there is one, please dare to tell the public,” he demanded.

He also said that the BJP would lose the three seats it now has in the Assembly.

“During the previous legislative Assembly elections, the BJP lost deposits in 108 seats. They are on social media, not in society; they are in newspapers, not on the ground,” he said.

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Congress won’t win

KTR dismissed the belief that the Congress would fare well at the hustings after its win in Karnataka.

“The people of Karnataka have not elected the Congress party. Instead, they defeated the bad government. It was the anger of the people which defeated the BJP,” he opined.

The Congress trounced the BJP in the 10 May elections in Karnataka, winning 135 seats in the 224-seat Assembly.

KTR also challenged the national leaders of the Congress and BJP to present a better administration model than Telangana in any of the states they are in power.

He highlighted the rapid progress Telangana has achieved in just nine years compared to the state’s decades-long stagnation under Opposition rule.

KTR stated that all BRS MLAs with a track record of good performance will be considered for re-election, in recognition of their efforts and dedication.

“The election is in six months; they have to perform well. During the 2018 legislative elections, only seven sitting MLAs were denied tickets, and everyone else retained their respective seats. KCR has already publicly said that the performance will be the criteria for selecting MLAs,” KTR said.

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Telangana development model

Chief Minister KCR has given up his efforts to unite the Opposition parties against the ruling BJP at the Centre and, instead, is focusing on presenting the “Telangana development model” to the country, KTR pointed out.

KTR’s comments came even as his father KCR has been trying to take BRS to the national level.

Indirectly referring to the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, KTR said the country does not need Opposition unity based on blind hatred against one party or a man, but it should be on a positive model of governance.

“What we are saying is that after trying everything, we have concluded that a new national party, the BRS, will be taken to the national level because there is a huge vacuum in the country. The Opposition has failed miserably,” he said.

KCR had earlier met several leaders, including some of the chief ministers of other states such as MK Stalin (Tamil Nadu), Nitish Kumar (Bihar) and Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi), in a bid to unite non-BJP, non-Congress parties.

He accused both the BJP and Congress of failing in developing the country.

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Not taking anyone for granted

On Tuesday, 30 May, the All-India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi bluntly said that the BRS should not assume that AIMIM’s friendly ties with it could be taken for granted.

He cautioned the BRS against compelling the AIMIM to take a stand against it, as the ruling party stands to lose more than the AIMIM.

Owaisi reiterated his party’s plan for the implementation of a “Muslim Bandhu” scheme for the one percent Muslim families living below the poverty line.

He urged the BRS to listen and understand the AIMIM ‘s message. The AIMIM’s objective is to ensure comprehensive development and improvement of Muslim areas, bringing them on a par with areas predominantly inhabited by other communities.

Owaisi emphasised that if AIMIM is forced to make a decision, it could harm the BRS’s political prospects since it relies on the minority vote bank.

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Responding to Owaisi, KTR said that the BRS does not take anybody for granted. “Why would we take Mr Owaisi for granted,” he asked.

“Mr Owaisi goes to other states and he talks about our development. He knows what we are doing for the state,” KTR added.

He urged the people to choose a government based on its merits rather than religious affiliations. Telangana’s progress stands as a testament to the fact that good governance and development are the priorities of the state, not divisive politics.

“I don’t believe people vote based on religion. People will choose a good government. It’s not always that minorities will vote for the AIMIM, Congress or BRS. They also see what is happening in their lives and how it is changing. They will vote accordingly,” KTR opined.

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‘What Telangana does today, country follows tomorrow’

KTR said that over the past decade, Telangana has witnessed significant advancements in various sectors, including education and healthcare.

He also added that the state has witnessed a change in the medical field with the establishment of new hospitals and medical colleges. It has enhanced access to quality healthcare for all.

In the education sector, qualitative improvements have been achieved through innovative programmes such as residential schools and Manauru Mana Badi, leading to a positive impact on the overall learning environment.

“Telangana’s commitment to inclusive development is evident in its efforts to bridge the rural-urban divide and uplift the marginalised communities. The state has made notable progress in both rural and urban development, ensuring that all sections of society benefit from its initiatives,” he said.

“Telangana’s administrative reforms have been hailed as some of the most progressive in the country, setting a benchmark for efficient governance,” he claimed.

“The success of Telangana’s model of development has earned it recognition across the nation. The state has become a trailblazer with other regions looking to replicate its achievements. The slogan, what Telangana does today, the country follows tomorrow, resonates with the progressive approach adopted by the state,” KTR added.

The minister criticised the Modi government for its failure in addressing the rising prices and other critical issues. He stressed on the need for a healthy debate on increasing Lok Sabha seats and ensuring equal opportunities for all states in a democratic setup.

On the question of the government withdrawing ₹2000 currency notes, KTR said: “When the demonetisation happened in 2016, we supported it but today we see what it has done to the country. We are repenting it now.”