Hyderabad witnessed a 2% increase in crimes in 2023; convictions rate down to 63% from 70%

Hyderabad also saw an increase in the number of cybercrime cases. There were 2,735 cases registered in 2023 as against 2,249 in 2022.

ByDeepika Pasham

Published Dec 23, 2023 | 10:00 AMUpdatedDec 23, 2023 | 10:00 AM

Hyderabad City Police announcing annual round up crimes in 2023 (Supplied)

Hyderabad witnessed a 2 percent increase in overall crimes in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to the police.

The total cases registered were 24,821 cases in 2023 against 24,220 in 2022, announced Hyderabad City Commissioner of Police (CP) Kothakota Sreenivasa Reddy on Friday, 22 December, in Hyderabad.

Among the types of crimes, cases involving grave bodily harm showed a major increase of 39 percent. Over 513 such cases were registered in 2023 against 368 in 2022.

In the other categories, non-grave property crime cases were 3 percent. The number of such cases registered during the year 2023 was 3,005 as against 2,915 cases in the year 2022.

Sreenivasa Reddy, the new CP, clarified that the New Year should be celebrated peacefully by everyone.

He added that establishments and party organisers should shut down the festivities within the time permitted and no nuisance should be encouraged.

On the convoy rules of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, he said, “We have clear instructions by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy that inconvenience should not be reported by the public while he is travelling.”

He added: “We are balancing the security rules by allowing traffic on a few of the routes, but we should also abided by the law and have to stop the traffic in a few scenarios.”

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Crimes against women

As part of an extensive reorganisation of the Hyderabad City Police, the Women Safety Wing was established on 30 April. This unit consists of seven Women Police Stations strategically positioned across different zones — East, West, North, South, South East, South West, and Central.

Operating under the direct supervision of the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) of the Women Safety Wing, the unit closely collaborates with the Joint CP of Crimes and SIT.

Cases of crimes against women rose 12 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year. The number of cases registered during the year 2023 was 2,484 as against 2,915 in 2022.

The police also introduced Bharosa, which functions as a comprehensive support centre for victims of violence against women and children, addressing issues such as child sexual abuse and rape.

In 2023, Bharosa handled 432 cases registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 119 rape cases, and an additional 120 supportive cases.

Bharosa also facilitated the admission of 52 victims of POCSO and rape cases to schools and colleges and conducted awareness programmes in 97 schools and 95 community centres.

The conviction rate also saw a significant increase, from 13 percent in 2016 to 58 percent in 2023.

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Breaking down the numbers

DCP (Women Safety Wing) Dara Kavitha told South First that in 85 percent of rape cases, including those registered under the POCSO Act, the victims knew the accused, and cheating in the name of marriage remained a trend.

Within the framework of SHE Teams, 612 petty cases were registered, 139 FIRs were filed, and 449 individuals were warned and released.

The SHE Teams received a total of 982 petitions, with the highest number attributed to blackmailing (212), followed by phone harassment (185), cheating and manipulation for marriage (107), following and harassment (106), threatening (69), harassment through social media (53), vulgar language abuse (48), misbehaviour (47), sexual harassment (28), and WhatsApp harassment (22).

In all, the North Zone WPS registered 102 petitions, the East Zone WPS registered 131 petitions, the West Zone WPS registered 91 petitions, the South Zone WPS registered 140 petitions, the Central Zone WPS registered 54 petitions, the South East Zone WPS registered 71 petitions, and the South West Zone WPS registered 86 petitions.

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Other cases

The Hyderabad City police said that the total number of cases that led to convictions was 4,465 and the total disposed-of cases were 7,137. This meant the conviction rate was 63 percent in 2023, which was lower than that of the previous year.

In the previous year, the conviction rate was 70 percent, with life imprisonment awarded in 15 cases. That happened in 13 cases in 2023.

The Hyderabad City Police also saw an increase in the number of cybercrime cases. There were 2,735 cases registered in 2023 as against 2,249 in 2022.

The number of arrests during the year was 169, compared to 274 in 2022.

The highest trend in cases was investment fraud, where the number of cases was 1,271 in 2023, followed by OT fraud (326 cases), social media-related (278), and customer care fraud (160).