Hospital superintendent attacked in Telangana after patient dies

While the hospital promised compensation to the patient's family, they pushed for and received a two-bedroom flat and employment.

BySumit Jha

Published Jan 12, 2023 | 4:05 PM Updated Jan 12, 2023 | 4:07 PM

Hospital Superintendent attacked in Telangana

Tension prevailed at the District Hospital in Khammam in Telangana on Wednesday, 11 January, after a woman died during surgery.

The 24-year-old Venkata Lakshmi from Putta Kota village in Khammam district had a deviated nasal septum (DNS) — the deviation of the nasal septum from normal/centre of the nasal cavity.

Due to DNS, she was facing issues such as allergies, snoring, and sinus problems. The ENT doctor at the hospital suggested that she undergo surgery to address the issues.

She experienced massive bleeding in the operation theatre on Tuesday, and the blood reached her lungs.

As a result, she started to have breathing problems and was shifted to the ICU. She was declared dead within two hours.

The protests

The hospital administration admitted that there had been a mistake, and promised that it would write to the district collector for compensation to the family after they protested.

However, the deceased’s husband and relatives mobbed the mortuary on Wednesday and closed the doors of the hospital.

The family refused to either take the body or file a police complaint — so that a post-mortem examination could be done — until their demands were met.

“Initially, the relative agreed to file a police complaint and go for the post-mortem examination. However, a political mob of 200 people came to the hospital and started to demand more and more compensation (up to ₹60 lakh), employment for a family member, and a double-bedroom flat, which was not in the hands of the medical superintendent of the hospital,” Dr B Srinivas Rao, the RMO of the hospital, told South First.

He added that the Medical Superintendent, Dr B Venkateshwarlu, promised to take the issue of compensation to the district collector, but before he could meet the collector, someone from the mob shouted that he was the surgeon who performed the procedure on the woman.

“The mob started to manhandle him and tear his shirt,” said Khammam ACP B Anjaneyulu told South First. The crowd also destroyed the property of the hospital.

The resolution

Eventually, District Collector VP Gautham came to the rescue and promised to give ₹5 lakh compensation, a double-bedroom house and employment to a member of the family.

After this, the family finally filed a police complaint at the Town II Police Station. It was then that the post-mortem examination of the body was done.

The district collector also recommended the suspension of the doctor who performed the surgery.

Meanwhile, the staff and the doctors protested at the hospital on Thursday and also filed a police complaint regarding the attack on the medical superintendent.

“We have filed the complaint demanding the immediate arrest of those who attacked the medical superintendent,” said Srinivas Rao.