Adventure takes flight in South India as largest inflatable park opens its doors to the public in Chennai

South India's first and largest inflatable park, created by Airborne in Marina Mall, spans a whopping 7,200 square feet, making it an inflatable wonderland for your adrenaline fix.

ByRoshne Balasubramanian

Published Sep 19, 2023 | 12:00 PM Updated Sep 20, 2023 | 4:11 PM

The inflatable park offers entertainment not only for children but also for adults. (Supplied)

In February of this year, Dubai opened the world’s largest inflatable park, setting a Guinness World Record. In a similar vein, here in South India, Chennai’s Mohammed Wasif of Airborne has achieved a record of his own by creating South India’s first and largest inflatable park.

Located at Marina Mall in Egattur, Chennai, this 7,200-square-foot space offers entertainment for children and adults.

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Safety first

There are eyes monitoring the arena at all times.

There are eyes monitoring the arena at all times. (Supplied)

Given the potential challenge of balance one might face while walking on inflatable terrain, grip socks (for a fee) are provided to visitors. Lockers are available to safely store their belongings.

“We prioritise safety and have five to six people monitoring the space at any given time,” says Wasif. He is also well-known for opening Airborne, Chennai’s first exclusive trampoline park on Khader Nawaz Khan Road in 2017.

“We also had to educate people on how to move around in the space — to not jump too close to each other, among other things,” he explains.

The arena is monitored at all times, and the staff also ensure that the visitors’ doubts are clarified, to ensure the activities are performed safely.

“Apart from that, we made sure there were no sharp edges, and everything was padded and cushioned to minimise injuries. This was a significant effort, and we have separate staff for each zone,” he adds.

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Exciting attractions

The space offers a dedicated toddler area for the little ones to join in the excitement. (Supplied)

The space offers a dedicated toddler area for the little ones to join in the excitement. (Supplied)

From challenging one’s agility through obstacle courses, conquering chaos with Big Baller, and challenging your inner warrior in an epic battle of balance and strength with Gladiator Joust, the area has this and more to offer.

Other attractions include Rock Climbing, Wrecking Ball, Slam Dunk, Bounce and Slide, and a dedicated toddler area for the little ones to join in the excitement.

Airborne also offers an enjoyable glow-in-the-dark experience, making the time inside the park a whimsical adventure.

Appealing to all ages

A little over a month since the inflatable park opened its doors, and the reception has already been great, Wasif tells South First.

“We knew that children would love it for sure. So, we focused on making it suitable for adults as well. We’ve added obstacles and race courses, which will make it challenging and engaging for adults. Besides this, we’ve also focused on the architectural aspects, making it suitable for a wider audience,” he elaborates.

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The birth of an idea

The idea of an inflatable park, however, has been simmering since 2019, notes Wasif.

“We had the idea right before COVID, in 2019. But, when COVID happened, it took us two years to bring it to fruition,” he shares.

After running a trampoline park for three years, Wasif wanted to bring something new to the city. 

“But, we saw other trampoline parks popping up, so we didn’t want to start another one. This made me go back to my idea of an inflatable park,” he shares.

After securing a space in Marina Mall in January 2023, the team worked for eight months to bring the best of fun and facilities to the city. 

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Refreshments & parties

Airborne also offers an enjoyable glow-in-the-dark experience. (Supplied)

Airborne also offers an enjoyable glow-in-the-dark experience. (Supplied)

The inflatable park, conveniently situated on the same level as the Mall’s food court, offers basic refreshments. “Our location provides ample choices for people to explore in terms of food after a fun time at the park,” shares Wasif.

Additionally, they are actively considering expanding their food options. “We are looking into adding more kid-friendly options; it’s a work in progress,” he says.

They also host parties, which a lot of customers have shown interest in, over the last week. 

“There are birthday parties and other party bookings, and we have a partnership with Chai Gully to provide food for such events. The space can be booked for up to 50 people. You can book the whole space exclusively,” shares Wasif. 

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Future endeavours

Having already conquered Chennai’s trampoline scene and inflated the fun in South India, we couldn’t resist asking Wasif: What’s the next gravity-defying trick up your sleeve?


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“When we started, we wanted to do something much bigger, but we had to restrict ourselves in terms of design due to height restrictions. Inflatables require a minimum ceiling height of 20 feet, but we took on the challenge and worked with a 12-foot space. We have a lot of ideas to explore, so we will look to open a larger inflatable park and a trampoline park with better height and more activities,” he adds.

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or simply someone wanting to keep their inner child alive and kicking, Airborne is a great place to unwind and find your bliss. 

Airborne has taken flight, and the question is: Are you ready to soar with it?

Play-time prices start from ₹300 onwards. To experience the thrill of Airborne Inflatable Park, visit Marina Mall, Egattur. Instagram @airborneparks 

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