Nobody is committing a crime by making films, won’t support personal attacks, says Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas and director Dr Biju shared their thoughts about review bombing and targeted attacks through film reviews.

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Published Nov 14, 2023 | 10:36 AM Updated Nov 14, 2023 | 10:36 AM

Tovino Thomas Dr Biju addressing media

Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas has joined hands with critically acclaimed filmmaker Dr Biju for their new movie Adrishya Jalakangal.

The makers recently released a mind-blowing trailer recently which caught the fancy of Tovino fans and movie buffs.

Ahead of the release of the film on 24 November, team Adrishya Jalakangal held a press meet in Kochi on Monday, 13 November.

On the occasion, Dr Biju and Tovino Thomas shared their thoughts on review bombing and targeted attacks through film reviews.

Tovino opined that everyone has the right to express their views. However, he asserted that critics should not resort to personal attacks against filmmakers or actors through film reviews.

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The Malayalam actor said he knew people in the industry who were hurt by the personal attacks hurled at them through movie reviews.

“After all, making films is not a crime. There are many serious issues in society that need to be addressed rather than personally attacking filmmakers. Cinema is less important compared to the burning issues,” the actor felt.

Tovino Thomas also pointed out that there were genuine reviewers who, directly or indirectly, helped him become a better actor.

“Genuine reviewers write well if the movie and the character are good, and their criticism helped me get better at my job. I will try to give my best in every project and get positive reviews.”

Tovino added that he was excited to work with Dr Biju in Adrishya Jalakangal and be a part of the international screenings of the movie.

‘Film reviewing is a serious process’

About movie reviews, Dr Biju felt that film reviewing was a serious process and important in filmmaking.

“A critic is a person who understands the shot divisions, editing, and everything about filmmaking. What we are witnessing now are opinions being formed by different people and they cannot be considered as reviews,” the director pointed out.

He signed off by saying that it was not right to think that these reviews wouldn’t affect a film.

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