‘Aadujeevitham’ is a benchmark for what a filmmaker can do for his vision: Prithviraj Sukumaran

The Malayalam actor admitted that he was jealous of Blessy since he couldn't make a film like the director.

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Published Mar 11, 2024 | 5:05 PMUpdatedMar 11, 2024 | 5:05 PM

Team Aadujeevitham The Goat Life addressing the media

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s much-awaited movie Aadujeevitham (The Goat Life) is gearing up for a grand release worldwide on 28 March.

Director Blessy wielded the megaphone for the ambitious venture.

The trailer, released recently, received much appreciation from audiences and critics.

The audio launch was held in Kochi on Sunday, 10 March. Malayalam superstar Mohanlal graced the event as the chief guest.

The event also witnessed a music concert led by AR Rahman, who scored the music for Aadujeevitham.

Influenced me as a human being: Prithviraj

Addressing the media in Kochi on Monday, 11 March, Prithviraj Sukumaran, who plays the role of Najeeb in the movie, recalled that he was very young when Aadujeevitham was offered to him.

The actor said, “When Aadujeevitham came to me, I was young. I have changed and evolved as an actor over these years. Aadujeevitham has influenced me as a human being rather than as an actor or filmmaker. It will surely influence my profession as it is a life experience.”

The actor stated that the team faced several hardships but was thankful for the experience.

Prithviraj revealed that director Blessy took 16 years to adapt Aadujeevitham to the silver screen.

“It is an epic vision of the director and no compromises were made for the film. I am jealous of Blessy. But I know I can’t make a film like him,” he hastened to add.

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Benchmark of filmmaking

Prithviraj defined Aadujeevitham as a benchmark for what a filmmaker can do for his vision. “Nobody can do more than what Blessy had done for the movie.”

About the shooting days, the actors recollected, “When we started, Blessy had a plan. A gap of eight months came for the transformation of the body. Then the shooting schedule was changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He said he was proud that despite problems, the crew did not compromise on perfection. “On some days we shot only one scene a day, as they wanted every minute shot and scene to be perfect.”

About the camel shot in the trailer, which became a point of discussion on social media, he said it was filmed in eight days.

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‘Gave it my best’

About his transformation for the film, Prithviraj Sukumaran said he worked on his physique only with advice from doctors and other experts.

“I knew my role demands this (transformation) when I was doing the film in 2009. I tried my best and gave it all,” he quipped.

Prithviraj also revealed that he met the real-life Najeeb, the inspiration behind Aadujeevitham, only after wrapping up the shoot.

“I had chances to see the real Najeeb during the shooting, but I met him only after the shoot. Our conversation has been recorded. Najeeb said many shots in the movie reminded him of his real-life struggles in the Middle East,” the actor added.

When asked about his Salaar co-star Prabhas’s reaction to the trailer, Prithviraj said Prabhas was excited about the movie.

He also revealed that Salaar 2 would go on floors soon.

About the pan-India trend, Prithviraj said, “It’s a wonderful way of doing cinema that ensures our content reaches the audience across the globe. It is the way forward, not just for big films like Aadujeevitham, but for all movies.”

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A challenging venture: Blessy

Malayalam director Blessy said the major challenge he faced was adapting the film from a book with over 40 chapters.

“People who have read Aadujeevitham novel must have visualised it already. Writer Benyamin wrote the novel based on the real-life Najeeb. My concern was how can a novel be changed into a cinema. It will take 9 to 10 hours to tell the entire story. The final edit was three and a half hours. Prithviraj had to run through the deserts,” Blessy recalled.

He said the visuals were a major challenge for him. “I have tried to narrate things which Benyamin didn’t notice in the story of Najeeb.”

The filmmaker claimed that Aadujeevitham was not an exact documentation of the novel and was only based on it.

He revealed that his favourite scene in the movie was the one which was not mentioned in the novel.

Gift for a music composer: AR Rahman

AR Rahman disclosed that he did not watch Blessy’s works when he approached him but had heard good things about the director and the novel (Aadujeevitham).

The music maestro defined Aadujeevitham as a gift for a music composer. “Music is also a character in the movie. It is sometimes god’s point of view, the director’s or the protagonist’s viewpoints. It keeps shifting and the main theme is looking more into Najeeb,” he explained.

Rahman added that he changed Aadujeevitham music and the current version is what everyone likes.

Meanwhile, the makers released the first video song – “Hope” from Aadujeevitham immediately after the audio launch.

The promotional song, composed and sung by AR Rahman, is an emotional melody picturised in the backdrop of war.
It already garnered over 5 lakh views on YouTube.

Sharing the song on social media, Rahman wrote: “Hope is a binding force uniting nature, humanity, and the world.”

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