PM Modi’s bizarre claim: ‘Congress opposed Droupadi Murmu as President because of her skin colour’

PM Modi’s comments came as criticism to Congress leader Sam Pitroda‘s description of how Indians from different part of the country look.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published May 08, 2024 | 4:38 PM Updated May 08, 2024 | 4:38 PM

Narendra Modi speaking in Warangal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kicked up yet another political storm saying that Congress had opposed the candidature of Droupadi Murmu when she sought election to the office of president in 2022 because she was dark-skinned.

The prime minister, addressing an election rally in Warangal in Telangana on Wednesday, 8 May, said that he did not understand the reason why the Congress opposed Droupadi Murmu, an Adivasi woman, from being elected as the President.

“Now I understand, after seeing the statement of Shahazada (Rahul Gandhi)’s uncle, guide and philosopher (Sam Pitroda) who lives in the US. He had said South Indians are black-skinned and look like Africans. It was the reason why the Congress had considered her an African because of her skin colour and opposed her.

The Shehzada takes his advice on all important issues like it is done in cricket from Third Empire.”

The bizarre claim by PM Modi came in reference to Opposition parties fielding Yashwant Sinha as candidate for the Presidential elections in 2022 against NDA’s pick Droupadi Murmu.

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Accuses Congress of being racist

At the Warangal rally, the prime minister said: This makes it clear that the Congress’ likes and dislikes are based on the skin colour of the people. This is a racist mentality. I am very angry with the comment. I do not mind if one abuses me. But will not accept, if one abuses the people of the country.”

The prime minister said that Lord Krishna who everyone adores was also dark-skinned.

“The Congress cannot decide the merit of an individual by looking at his skin colour. Who has allowed the Congress or Rahul Gandhi to look down upon those who have dark complexion?” he asked.

He said he would not tolerate any insult to Indians based on his or her skin colour adding that it would spell a threat to the nation’s unity.

Though Congress leader Sam Pitroda did not make the statement referring to Draupadi Murmu as such, the prime minister said he suspected it was the reason why the Congress opposed her candidature and went on slamming the Congress and its policies.

Sam Pitroda, earlier in the day, in an interview on diversity and democracy in India, said that Indians from different parts of the country look like the nationals of various countries like Chinese, Arabs, Whites and Africans. He said those from South India and the East look like Africans and Chinese.

(Edited by Muhammed Fazil)