Telangana dowry harassment: Man gives Triple Talaq to wife via WhatsApp, arrested

The husband and his parents were assaulting Jasmeen since the marriage demanding an additional ₹2,00,000 in dowry

ByDeepika Pasham

Published May 19, 2024 | 11:05 PMUpdatedMay 19, 2024 | 11:06 PM

Man arrested after giving Triple Talaq via Whatsapp

A man named Abdul Ateeq was arrested on Sunday, 19 May, for sending a WhatsApp voice message declaring the banned Triple Talaq to his first wife, Jasmeen.

He was subsequently produced in court and sent to 14 days of police custody.

The accused and his parents, living in Telangana’s Adilabad, have been allegedly harassing the woman for additional dowry since the couple’s marriage in 2017.

Despite the woman’s parents giving a dowry of ₹1 lakh in cash, 20 grams of gold, and household articles worth ₹2 lakh at the time of the marriage, the man demanded more dowry after the marriage.

He has two daughters with his first wife Jasmeen. However, he got married again and moved in with his second wife two years ago.

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Physical assault

The husband and his parents were allegedly physically assaulting Jasmeen for a long time, demanding an additional ₹2 lakh in dowry.

As the violence escalated a while back, Jasmeen sustained multiple injuries and was admitted to RIMS Hospital in Adilabad for treatment.

After returning from the hospital, she was sent to live in her parents’ house.

In 2023, she filed a complaint at the Adilabad Women’s Police Station against her husband and his parents and has been separated from her husband since then.

Eventually, Jasmeen approached the Adilabad court [which court?] and filed for maintenance from her husband to take care of her daughters. He was ordered to pay ₹7,200 every month by the court.

When Ateeq failed to pay the amount, Jasmeen approached the court again. Rhis time, both the court and police officials summoned the husband. In response, he sent the voice message declaring Triple Talaq to Jasmeen.

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Jasmeen wants justice

Speaking with SouthFirst about her ordeal, Jasmeen said, “On 11 May, at around 9.28 pm, my husband sent a voice message declaring Talaq three times, and I believe I am now divorced.”

She added: “I want justice so that I can take care of my two daughters; my eldest is six years old and should start school this year, and my youngest is three years old.”

Speaking further about her financial struggles, she said, “My husband, who is a driver, has been living with his second wife for the past two years. I filed a dowry case, and he was ordered to give me money, but he has not complied.”

She added: “I studied until class 9, and I am the eldest of my parents’ children. My two younger siblings are boys. I am currently staying at my mother’s house with no support from anyone. I want all my money, gold, and other items given during the marriage.”

The Adilabad Women’s Police Station registered a case under Sections 3 and 4 of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act. This act criminalises the practice of instant divorce through Triple Talaq.

Inspector G Srinivas of Adilabad Women’s Police Station, informed South First, “The court has granted 14-day police custody of the accused, who divorced his wife via WhatsApp.”

He noted: “When his first wife did not answer his calls, he immediately sent the Triple Talaq message via WhatsApp.”

Srinivas added, “The woman approached us late due to her discussions with elders in the family. The couple no longer lives together and has been facing misunderstandings. She was also harassed for money. We will produce the evidence and make sure she gets justice.”

Abdul Ateeq’s voice note was accessed by South First and in it, he can be heard saying, “I was calling you to tell Talaq. I repeat Talaq, Talaq, Talaq. I am being told that I will be put in jail so what should I do with you, I am leaving you.”

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