Rain derails Karnataka ‘double-engine’ claims again: PM Modi-inaugurated metro line waterlogged

Last month, torrential showers submerged parts of the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway within days of the prime minister inaugurating it.

ByBellie Thomas

Published Apr 07, 2023 | 9:00 AM Updated Apr 07, 2023 | 9:00 AM

Rains and thunderstorms lashed North and East Bengaluru on Tuesday

The rain gods appear to be really intent on showing up the claims of development of the “double-engine government” that the BJP is trying to use to retain power in Karnataka.

And Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name seems to be bearing the brunt, especially against the backdrop of his repeated visits to the poll-bound state this year.

Last month, torrential showers submerged parts of the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway within days of the prime minister inaugurating it.

This, even as people were fuming over having to pay a hefty toll for a partially-completed expressway.

Now, the public is irked again, as rains earlier this week flooded a 13-km stretch of the newly inaugurated BMRCL Whitefield metro line — from Krishnarajendrapura to Whitefield.

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Metro station waterlogged

Strong winds and thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain lashed most of North and East Bengaluru on Tuesday, 4 April, which caused sudden flooding in low-lying areas — especially the underpasses.

This impacted not only traffic movement but also the Namma Metro, including the aforementioned line.

The stretch of the BMRCL Whitefield line was inaugurated on 25 March by Prime Minister Modi and was thrown open for the public the very next day.

Critics had pointed out that the prime minister, who was making frequent visits to the poll-bound state, was busy inaugurating “half-baked” metro stations — whose constructions are still incomplete.

Video clips of waterlogging inside the brand-new Nallurahalli metro station were all over social media.

Rainwater was all over the entrance and the concourse area floor. Rainwater was seeping onto the platform as well as near the ticketing counter, commuters complained.

“The platform level had water coming down from gaps on the roof, and the ticketing level the floor below was worse off,” a member of Whitefield Rising — a forum for citizens to come together and work for the community, especially in the Whitefield area of Bengaluru — told South First.

“Water was pouring down the sides and along the inner wall of the station. This is certainly not safe for travellers especially if they are running to catch a train. A leak or two is still possible when something is brand new. But there were too many places where the water was coming through,” added the member

However, BMRCL sources explained to South First that every newly-built metro station would have certain problems like rainwater seepage, which would be temporary and “very much resolvable”.

“Even the MG Road metro station suffered from rainwater seepage after its advanced roofing sheets were displaced by strong winds a few years ago,” said the sources.

These issues were temporary and would be resolved as and when required, the BMRCL sources added.

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