Karnataka: PM Modi accusses Opposition of using technology to create fake videos

Modi went on to urge the people to report such fake videos to his party people, or the police. "They will be punished accordingly," he added.

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Published Apr 29, 2024 | 6:21 PM Updated Apr 29, 2024 | 6:21 PM

PM Modi attacks INDIA bloc

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, 29 April, cautioned people to be careful regarding the fake news being spread on social media.

Emphasising the need for caution, Modi accused the opposition of spreading fake videos using technology and spreading disinformation using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

“Those who lost elections using technology to create fake videos, AI to spread misinformation,” he alleged.

Addressing the people present at his election rally in Bagalkote, Karnataka, Modi said, “In these times of social media, we receive a lot of information from WhatsApp and X (formerly Twitter). A lot of times, we too keep forwarding messages and videos without cross-checking or thinking.”

He added, “As someone who is among the first people to work on social media, I am one of the persons with a maximum number of followers. That is because, I have used social media for the betterment of society, and to connect with people.”

Furthering his attack on the Opposition, Modi said, “They are spreading misinformation and wrong things in my voice. It has become a threat to society.”

Giving an example, Modi recalled that during the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections in 2023, misinformation was spread using Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan’s voice.

“Amitabh had to file an FIR, and the people responsible were caught,” he added.

Modi went on to urge the people to report such fake videos to his party people, or the police. “Legal action will be taken against these people, and they will be punished accordingly,” he added.

The prime minister claimed, “In despair of losing elections, they (opposition) are resorting to such tactics, it is important for you (people) to stay alert.”

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‘Religion-based quota’

The prime minister also accused the opposition of planning religion-based reservation in the country for the sake of vote bank politics, but asserted that he will not let it happen.

He said this Congress proposal is to appease minorities as the SC/ST and OBC community is now with the BJP.

“In Karnataka, Congress has started a campaign to change the Constitution and to snatch away the rights of SC/ST and OBCs. Our Constitution does not accept religion-based reservation. But the Karnataka government has given part of OBC reservation to Muslims,” Modi said.

Addressing a mega election rally in Baghalkote, he said, “They (Congress) will not settle with this. They had earlier too in their manifesto said about coming out with a law to provide religion-based reservation. There is a similar signal in their manifesto this time.”

“I want to make my Dalit, SC/ST and OBC brothers and sisters aware about Congress’ intentions. These people on the basis of religion, to keep their vote bank safe, are planning to loot your right which was given by Babasaheb Ambedkar and the Constitution,” he added.

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‘Most ST, SC, OBC MPs from BJP’

Veteran BJP leader BS Yediyurappa, BJP candidates and MPs from Bagalkote (Bagalkot) and Vijayapura (Bijapur)— PC Gaddigoudar and Ramesh Jigajinagi, respectively— were among those present at the rally.

Noting that most of SC, ST and OBC MPs in the Parliament are from BJP, Modi said, “So they feel that as SC, ST and OBC are with BJP. To gain the trust of minorities, they want to loot from SC, ST and OBC and give it to minorities. Will you let this happen?”

“I want to guarantee today to my Dalit, Adivasi and OBC brothers and sisters. I will not let such intentions of Congress be successful. To protect your rights, your reservation, Modi will go to any extent. I’m assuring you this,” he added.

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