Thangalaan trailer out: This Pa Ranjith film promises a gritty watch

The two-minute trailer is packed with drama and intense action sequences. It also highlights Vikram's exceptional acting. 

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Published Jul 10, 2024 | 6:21 PM Updated Jul 10, 2024 | 6:34 PM

Vikram's Thangalaan trailer out

One of this year’s most anticipated Tamil films is Vikram’s Thangalaan, directed by Pa Ranjith. As the film nears its release, the makers have unveiled the trailer for the historical action drama.

The two-minute Thangalaan trailer is packed with drama and intense action sequences.

The story centres on an indigenous tribe summoned by a British officer for a mission. The group seems to be tied to the origins of Kolar Gold Fields, with Malavika Mohanan playing a sorceress in a parallel storyline.

Thangalaan trailer showcases gritty, rustic scenes, highlighting Vikram’s exceptional acting. True to Pa Ranjith’s style, the locals rebel against the upper caste for illegally seizing their land.

The trailer concludes with a powerful statement, “Only those brave enough to face death truly live here.”

The promo suggests an engaging historical saga, and with its stellar cast; Parvathy Thiruvothu, Malavika Mohanan, Pasupathy, Hollywood actor Daniel Caltagirone, and Harikrishnan Anbudurai.

Thangalaan is bankrolled collaboratively by Studio Green and Neelam Productions.

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Pa Ranjith was inspired to work with Vikram

Pa Ranjith, known for his films focusing on marginalised communities, familiarised himself with Azhagiya Periyavan’s works and invited him to collaborate on the film.

Writer Azhagiya Periyavan, who penned the dialogues for Thangalaan, described it as a period film depicting displaced Tamils on the fringes of society.

An integral aspect of the movie is that it integrates live recording throughout the entire shoot. GV Prakash Kumar makes his debut collaboration with Pa Ranjith by composing the music for Thangalaan.

Tamil Prabha serves as co-writer, while Selva RK and SS Murthi are responsible for editing and art direction respectively.

Pa Ranjith was inspired to team up with Vikram, impressed by the dedication he brings to his roles. At the film’s teaser launch, the director expressed hope that Thangalaan would meet everyone’s expectations.

The filmmaker also sees Vikram as an exceptionally artistic actor, diverging from the usual commercial cinema mould. Despite acknowledging Vikram’s success in mainstream films, Pa Ranjith greatly values him for his acting abilities.

Although an official release date has not been announced, Thangalaan is anticipated to hit the big screens on 15 August.

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