Mohanlal’s ‘Devadoothan’ to hit screens again after 24 years

The Siby Malayil film, soon to be re-released in 4K version, blends supernatural elements with romance.

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Published Jul 02, 2024 | 12:07 PM Updated Jul 02, 2024 | 12:07 PM

Devadoothan 4K version to be released soon

Malayalam movie Devadoothan, which hit theatres in 2000, will soon be re-released in the (remastered) 4K Dolby Atmos version.

In April, director Siby Malayil revealed the news about the release of the remastered 4K version of Devadoothan. However, Mohanlal sharing the film’s poster on his social media page recently increased curiosity among his fans.

The movie, which gained cult status years after its theatrical release, revolves around a gifted musician named Vishal Krishnamoorthy, who is haunted by a spirit. It also stars Jaya Prada, Vijayalakshmi, Janardhanan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Murali, Sarath Das and Vineeth Kumar in key roles.

Siyad Koker produced Devadoothan under the banner of Koker Films. Raghunath Paleri penned the story.

A romantic-supernatural thriller

In Devadoothan, Mohanlal plays the role of Vishal Krishnamoorthy, a world-famous musician who is about to receive a prestigious award for his symphony “Rhythm of Love”.

Vishal visits his old college upon the principal’s request to compose music for a stage play. However, he encounters a supernatural experience. Eventually, he unravels long-buried secrets that have connections to his own life and music.

Jaya Prada plays the female lead in the film. She awaits her lover, who left her long ago. Her character has many layers—from a college administrator to a love-struck woman.

She plays Alina aka Angelina Ignatius, who runs the college named after his father William Ignatius. In her teenage, he gifts her a “Seven Bells” instrument. William also brings along a young musician named Nikhil Maheshwar from Agra to play the instrument.

Alina falls in love with Maheshwar but William doesn’t approve of their relationship. The duo try their best to convince William but in vain. Meanwhile, Nikhil Maheshwar leaves for his hometown to get his parents’ consent for their marriage but he never returns. Alina still awaits him. Vishal discovers the truth behind Maheswar’s disappearance (or rather murder) and reveals it to Alina at the end.

Devadoothan blends supernatural elements with romance, making it a compelling watch. The songs, composed by Maestro Vidyasagar, are a major highlight of the film. “Poove Poove” and “Enthoru Mahanu” songs are still favourites of music lovers.

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A flop when released

Mohanlal and Jaya Prada in a still from Devadoothan

Mohanlal and Jaya Prada in a still from ‘Devadoothan’. (X)

While most makers re-release old superhit films and cash in on the craze, Devadoothan is a different case.

The film was released in December 2000 as a Christmas gift, along with Mammootty’s Dadasahib and Suresh Gopi-Lal’s Thenkasipattanam. Sadly, Devadoothan turned out to be a box office dud, while the other two movies became blockbusters.

In an interview, Sibi Malayil said the film’s failure affected him to such an extent that he slipped into depression. The filmmaker also stated that the movie was initially meant to be made from the point of view of college students. However, after Mohanlal came on board as the protagonist, the producer asked him to change the story according to the actor’s image.

in a Facebook post, screenwriter Raghunath Paleri said, “I never expected Vishal Krishnamurthy’s (the character played by Mohanlal) comeback moment in all these years.”

He also disclosed that he often reads the Devadoothan script since it is one of his favourites.

Meanwhile, the remastered 4K version of Mohanlal’s Manichitrathazhu (1993) will hit the screens in July this year. However, the makers are yet to finalise the re-release date.

In 2023, Mohanlal’s Spadikam (1995) was re-released and it became a mega-hit. The film, one of the best from director Bhadran, was a phenomenal hit upon its release.

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