Malayalam movie ‘Premalu’ hits jackpot, collects ₹50 crore

Thanks to the backing of the family audience, 'Premalu' became the first Malayalam movie to enter the ₹50 crore club in 2024.

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Published Feb 22, 2024 | 11:40 AMUpdatedFeb 22, 2024 | 11:40 AM

Premalu collected ₹50 crore at the box office

The collections of Gireesh AD’s directorial Premalu crossed ₹50 crore. The romantic comedy thus became the first Malayalam movie to enter the ₹50 crore club in 2024.

The film registered a steady collection since the opening day.

Its success came as a shot in the arm for the Malayalam industry, which saw only one superhit film, Romancham, during this time last year.

Premalu collected ₹50 crore in 13 days.

Upon its release, the movie garnered a positive response from critics and audiences alike. As it received good word-of-mouth publicity from day 1, the exhibitors added extra shows.

According to the Sacnilk website, the film collected around ₹12.6 crore in its first week from the domestic market. On day 13, it collected ₹ 25.61 crore from India.

Thanks to the backing of the family audience and repeated watching, the film’s gross collection stands at ₹50 crore worldwide.

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First ₹50-crore movie in 2024

In January, Jayaram’s Abraham Ozler opened to positive review. The film earned ₹ 46 crore so far.

It is being screened in multiplexes. Mammootty’s cameo role helped the movie draw crowds to the theatres.

Coming back to Premalu, the movie has Naslen K Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju in the lead roles. It is an out-and-out entertainer with a regular love story set against the backdrop of Hyderabad city and has been executed well.

The movie received a good reception from the industry circles. Filmmakers Priyadarshan and Satyam Anthikad were all praises for it.

Premalu witnessed good bookings across theatres on Wednesday, 14 February (Valentine’s Day). As expected, it drew more crowds to cinema halls, though Mammootty’s Bramayugam was a top competitor at the box office.

Yash Raj Films bagged the distribution rights for film in the UK and Europe.

Premayugam: ‘Premalu’ and ‘Bramayugam’ trend on social media as Mollywood’s ‘Barbenheimer’

Premayugam‘ phenomenon

Meanwhile, Premalu and Bramayugam are trending on social media and are wooing the audience to theatres.

Premalu is a romantic comedy with peppy songs and situational comedy.

On the other hand, Bramayugam is a horror thriller set in the 17th century and earned over ₹ 30 crore till now.

The box office success of these two movies made social media crazy. Netizens are drawing parallels to the Hollywood films Oppenheimer (2023) and Barbie (2023).

They even coined a new term “Premayugam” just like “Barbenheimer” (Barbie+Oppenheimer).