I can’t go back to Ilaiyaraaja because I’ve fought with him: Mysskin

Mysskin said he had two gurus in music to whom he wished to bow — Carnatic and Hindustani exponent Ramamurthy and Ilaiyaraaja.

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Published Nov 04, 2023 | 3:08 PMUpdatedNov 04, 2023 | 4:09 PM

Director Mysskin

One of Tamil cinema’s finest directors, Mysskin, has now taken a new avatar. He has turned into a music director.

On Friday, 3 November, the ace director impressed audiences who gathered for the audio launch of his first film as music director — Devil — by delivering a live performance at the Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai.

Devil is directed by Mysskin’s younger brother Aathityaa. It features Vidaarth, Thrigun, Poorna, and Subhashree in the lead.

Mysskin, who anchored the event himself, said he had two gurus in music to whom he wished to bow.

The first guru was Carnatic and Hindustani exponent Ramamurthy (a well-known student of world-renowned Carnatic musician Bhimsen Joshi). Mysskin said the 90-year-old musician taught him Carnatic and Hindustani music.

The other guru was Ilaiyaraaja. “Ilaiyaraaja is everything. Life itself is Ilaiyaraaja,” the director declared.

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‘Ilaiyaraaja is everything’

Reading the minds of his audience, Mysskin said, “‘You may then ask, ‘If you have such high regard for Ilaiyaraaja, why did you not have him score music for this film?’ It is because I have fought with him. I cannot go back to him now. Also, I too am very short-tempered.”

Although he fought with Ilaiyaraaja and won’t be going back to him anytime soon, the filmmaker explained the kind of huge regard he had for the Maestro.

“Ilaiyaraaja is like my father and mother. In 1976, my father was carrying me on his shoulders at a trade fair. I stopped my father from walking by tugging his hair because one of Ilaiyaraaja’s songs was playing there.”

‘No one like Mysskin’

On the occasion, Mysskin’s music guru Ramamurthy said, “I have trained nearly 10,000 students over a period of 53 years. Some of the students I have trained include some top musicians like Sujatha, Saindhavi, and Vijay Yesudas.”

About Mysskin, he noted, “However, it is very difficult to get a student like Mysskin. In six months, Mysskin has learnt 50 Ragas. This morning, we practised for two and half hours and we came up with a new raga called ‘Swaag Sindhur’ by mixing two ragas. My blessings to my best student.”

The event

Mysskin opined that the story of not just Devil but all the films across the world were one.

“In all the stories, there is a home or a person. A person, by the way, is a home in himself. When things are going well, something like a dark shadow comes inside the house and turns things upside down. How order is restored is what the story is about. All stories are like this,” he pointed out.

Several celebrities including directors Vetrimaran, Sasi and well-known producer Kalaipuli S Thanu attended the event where the songs and the theme music of Devil were performed live.

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