Falimy review: Basil Joseph leads this fun ride that guarantees entertainment

Directed by debutant Nithish Sahadev, the film doesn't have a moment of despair and gives plenty of laughs.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published:Nov 17, 2023

A poster of the film Falimy
A family entertainer!

Falimy (Malayalam)

  • Cast:  Basil Joseph, Jagadeesh, Manju Pillai, and Raina Radhakrishnan
  • Director: Nithish Sahadev
  • Producer: Lakshmi Warrier, and Ganesh Menon
  • Music: Vishnu Vijay
  • Runtime: 2 hours 7 minutes

The trailer of Basil Joseph‘s new movie Falimy revealed that the story revolves around a family.

As has been shown, the film is set in Thiruvananthapuram and is about a family that struggles to meet both ends.

Directed by debutant Nithish Sahadev, the movie doesn’t have a moment of despair which makes it a perfect entertainer.

Anoop (Basil Joseph) is a dubbing artist for television serials. Anoop and his mother Rema (Manju Pillai) are the breadwinners of their family.

His younger brother Abhi (Sandeep Pradeep) wishes to settle in Europe.

Jagadeesh and Manju Pillai play key roles in Falimy

Jagadeesh and Manju Pillai play key roles in ‘Falimy’. (Supplied)

Chandran (Jagadeesh), their father, is jobless.

Janardhanan (Meenaraj Raghavan), their grandfather, wishes to visit Varanasi. He often goes missing while trying to visit Varanasi but is brought back home by his family members or friends.

Anoop gets engaged to Anagha (Raina Radhakrishnan). The untoward events that happen on their engagement day bring a twist to the story.

Anoop decides to take his grandfather to Varanasi and the whole family joins them. The journey to Varanasi and the turning point in the interval are some of the highlights of the movie.

After the interval, they miss their train and the whole family gets stuck in a village in Uttar Pradesh.

Their encounters with the villagers and their journey in the cab owned by a criminal in search of the missing grandfather are the most hilarious moments in the film.

The script by Nithish Sahadev and Sanjo Joseph has all the elements that engage the audience.

In the first half, the transformation of Basil Joseph when his engagement gets cancelled has been picturised really well.

The small happenings in the family are shown through caricatures which gives plenty of laughs to the viewers.

The movie focuses on how aged people are neglected by the new generation.

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Falimy is directed by Nithish Sahadev

‘Falimy’ is directed by Nithish Sahadev. (Supplied)

Falimy has some good performances by all the actors.

Basil Joseph as Anoop is in full form in the movie. The actor-director has once again proved that he is too good at comedy.

His emotions in the first half are touching, especially when his engagement gets cancelled.

In the second half too, the actor delivers a brilliant performance.

Jagadeesh as Chandran — the father who doesn’t care about his family — is spellbinding.

There are some extraordinary moments, especially towards the climax, where he tugs at your heart. His expressions of “what to do next” are classic like the Jagadeesh-style moments in his old films like Godfather (1991) and In Harihar Nagar (1990).

Manju Pillai as the mother who tries to handle the ego clashes between her children and husband is pretty good and convincing.

Raina Radhakrishnan, who acted opposite Basil Joseph, gets less screen space. Her character could have been developed well. However, she leaves a mark like her role in B32 Muthal 44 Vare (2023

Meenaraj Raghavan as Janardhanan is impressive. The script gives importance to his character and it is an appreciable move.

Sandeep Pradeep as Abhi is decent as the younger member of the family.

Technically, the movie has some good visuals by Santhana Krishnan Jayachandran as it was shot in Varanasi on the banks of the Ganga.

The music by Vishnu Vijay is another highlight of the film.

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Falimy is a hilarious ride with some good performances by the lead actors. It is a full-fledged entertainer as promised.

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