Derogatory remarks: TN politician AV Raju tenders apology to Trisha

Claiming that his statements were misinterpreted in the media, the ex-AIADMK leader apologised to Trisha, Cheran, and Karunas.

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Published Feb 21, 2024 | 4:47 PMUpdatedFeb 21, 2024 | 4:47 PM

AV Raju and Trisha

Politician AV Raju, who was expelled from the AIADMK party stirred a controversy by making derogatory statements about actor Trisha on Saturday, 17 February.

Trisha warned of initiating legal action against AV Raju for making derogatory comments against her.

Soon after she called him out, the actor was supported by the film fraternity.

Taking to X, Trisha wrote: “Rest assured, necessary and severe action will be taken. Anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will be from my legal department.”

Meanwhile, AV Raju tendered an apology to Trisha in a video on Wednesday, 21 February, claiming that his statements were misinterpreted and he did not intend to target any actor.

He also apologised to director Cheran and actor Karunas for hurting their sentiments.

AV Raju’s remarks

Addressing the Tamil TV channels while referring to the 2017 rebellion by then Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, he dragged Trisha’s name claiming she was one of the actors who was present at the resort in Koovathur.

Raju later clarified that he did not specifically take the name of Trisha. “I did not say Venkatachalam demanded Trisha. I said what he said. He wanted someone beautiful like Trisha, not the actress specifically,” he added.

He claimed that if he had to explain what happened on that day exactly, he also went to Koovathur. “When the Ex MLA Venkatachalam, explained to me about what happened, he said that I need a beautiful girl like actress Trisha. I never talked about Trisha or in that context.”

Further, AV Raju blamed the media for misinterpreting his statements, “The media has altered what I have spoken to them. I think director Cheran should understand this. I request you to keep this in concern and act accordingly to what I state now,” he pointed out.

Further clarifying his stand, the ex-AIADMK leader said, “I quote again that ‘Ex MLA, Venkatachalam asked for a beautiful girl like actress Trisha’. I am not someone who speaks like that, and I am not an eligible person to say such a thing.”

“When I went to meet him there, we were speaking casually, and at that time, this conversation was made between us. He never asked for actress Trisha, he asked for a beautiful young girl like her. That doesn’t mean I have mentioned exactly actress Trisha,” he further added.

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Actor Vishal reacts

On Tuesday, 20 February, Tamil Nadu Film Council Head and actor Vishal called out ex-AIADMK leader AV Raju for his objectionable remarks against actor Trisha.

Vishal called the politician a “stupid idiot”, and wished for him to rot in hell.

Without naming either of the people, Vishal wrote on X: “I will not mention your name nor the name of the person you targeted because I know you did it for publicity.”

He further wrote: “Once again, I don’t intend to make this statement as a general secretary of the artist association, but as a human being, as much as you can be on Earth, which you will never be.”

He further suggested that the politician should rather get a job than earn money from negative publicity, “Get a job, a better job. You might start off as a beggar to learn some basic discipline at least.”

Past incidents

In 2023, Mansoor Ali Khan made some objectionable remarks for not having scenes with Trisha in their recently released film Leo (2023).

Soon after the video clip went viral, Trisha lashed out at Mansoor Ali Khan for making such misogynistic statements.

Several celebrities, including Kushboo Sundar and Chiranjeevi, extended their support to Trisha.

Even the National Commission of Women, which took suo moto into this issue, directed the Tamil Nadu Police to file a complaint against Mansoor Ali Khan.

Following this, the actor tendered an unconditional apology to Trisha.

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