Allari Naresh opens up about his makeup woes during ‘Laddu Babu’

The actor would spend four-and-a-half hours on makeup and 90 minutes to remove it, which took a toll on his skin.

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Published Apr 30, 2024 | 11:38 AM Updated Apr 30, 2024 | 11:38 AM

Allari Naresh opens up about Laddu Babu

Allari Naresh, who once frequently appeared in films, is a well-known actor in Tollywood. But now, he is dabbling with fewer projects.

Most of his films in recent times have diverse storylines and unique characterisations.

Though he had a few flops in his career, Allari Naresh is now seriously focusing on doing versatile characters.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed some surprising details about his film Laddu Babu (2014), directed by Ravi Babu. The film starred Bhumika Chawla and Poorna in key roles.

Allari Naresh mentioned that after the success of Nenu (2004), he received offers for movies like Gamyam (2008, starring Sharwanand) and Maharshi (2019, headlined by Mahesh Babu), which raised expectations for his performances.

Allari Naresh in Laddu Babu

Allari Naresh in ‘Laddu Babu’. (X)

He also admitted that many people felt he didn’t deliver in Laddu Babu. He confessed to facing difficulties during the shooting, particularly with lengthy makeup sessions.

Allari Naresh faced skin rashes during the filming of Laddu Babu due to prolonged makeup sessions, which caused him sweating issues (excessive sweating).

The actor said he had high hopes for the film since the story was new. However, the extensive makeup routines took a toll on his skin.

Allari Naresh would spend around four-and-a-half hours on makeup and 90 minutes to remove it during Laddu Babu shooting. Despite the difficulties, he remained dedicated, even skipping his meals for six days.

The film didn’t fare well at the box office and the actor’s commitment went unnoticed!

Allari Naresh will next be seen in Aa Okkati Adakku, helmed by debutant director Malli Ankam. It casts Faria Abdullah as the female lead. the film is slated for release on 3 May.

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