Releasing Hyderabad Youth Declaration, Priyanka Gandhi appeals to Telangana to vote for change

Addressing a gathering at the Saroornagar Stadium, the Congress leader poked holes in KCR's promises made as part of the Telangana movement.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published May 08, 2023 | 10:56 PMUpdatedMay 08, 2023 | 10:58 PM

AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed a well-attended public meeting at Saroornagar Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on 8 May. (Twitter)

Lifting the morale of the Congress workers ahead of the Telangana Assembly elections later this year, AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday, 8 May, made an impassioned plea to the youth and students that once her party was in power in Telangana, it would implement the Hyderabad Youth Declaration which would end the chronic and rampant problem of unemployment in the state.

Addressing a well-attended public meeting at Saroornagar Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, she said, “If we do not implement the declaration, you can throw us out after five years. Employment was one of the three cornerstones of the Telangana movement.”

She added, referencing Telangana Chief Minister and BRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao: “However, KCR’s administration has betrayed the youth by not bothering to fill them, regardless of the fact that a number of youths laid down their lives for a better life in the new Telangana state.”

Priyanka Gandhi released a document — Hyderabad Youth Declaration — in which she promised ₹4,000 unemployment dole to the youth, electric scooters to girl students aged above 18 years, filling of all the 2 lakh vacancies in the government in the first year of power, ₹25,000 per month pension, and one job to a family member of Telangana martyrs, among others.

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Playing the family card

She drew an enthusiastic response from the crowd as she rose to speak with a giant screen behind her flashing pictures of herself and her grandmother Indira Gandhi frequently, to remind the audience that she bears a striking resemblance to her.

In fact, Priyanka referred to the resemblance in her address and said that it only increased her responsibility.

“I can see you remember her even after her demise 40 years ago. Now, you see me as ‘Naya Indira’, which means that the responsibility on me is even greater as I have to live up to her image,” she said.

She also recalled her mother Sonia Gandhi and the kind of struggle she had to go through while awarding Telangana as it was the dream of everyone in the state.

“You honour land as your mother. Sonia Gandhi realised that and made your dream come true, under the impression that the new state would become a land of milk and honey. She had not thought it would benefit only very few people and not the people at large,” she said, taking a dig at the current state government.

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Taking a dig at KCR

Priyanka reminded the gathering that K Chandrashekar Rao said that for this land of theirs, thousands had laid down their lives.

She retorted, “Sacrifice should not go to waste. As a member of the Gandhi family, I know what sacrifice is. You also have made similar sacrifices for the well-being of all. You fought for water, funds, and jobs. But have you got any jobs so far?”

She recalled that KCR had said that martyrdom should serve a purpose.

“You did not care for your lives. When Sonia Gandhi had to take a decision in favour of Telangana, which was not an easy one, she set aside politics. She thought about your dreams for a better life,” Priyanka said.

The Congress leader said that what she was seeing now was the broken dreams of the youth.

“The state, one had thought, would be the strongest among all other states. Instead, it became a jagir for one. Neither he (KCR) nor his family members ever fought for the state. They made no sacrifices at all. Yet they are in the saddle now, cornering all the benefits,” she said.

She added that this had resulted in distress in the farm sector. Three farmers were dying by suicide every day, she noted.

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What of KCR’s promises?

Priyanka Gandhi said that KCR had promised one job for every household.

“There are now 40 lakh unemployed youths in the state. KCR had promised ₹3,000 unemployment dole in the 2018 elections, but what happened to his promise? There are 2.5 lakh jobs to be filled in the government,” she recalled.

There are nine universities in the state in which no appointments have taken place till now. No new university has come up, but quite a number of private universities are sprouting up everywhere, she charged.

Priyanka said that it was time the people realised that it is their responsibility to go for a change in their own interest.

“Unless you wake up and better your lives, your situation will further worsen. If we are here on the dais, it is because of you. It is not we but you who are important. Use your discretion for a better future,” she said.

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Hyderabad Youth Declaration

The following are some of the promises made in the Hyderabad Youth Declaration:

  1. Payment of pension of ₹25,00 to the families of Telangana martyrs, a job to one member of the family. All cases are to be lifted and, on 2 June, all of them would be given identity cards.
  2. When the Congress government takes over in January next year, it will fill 2 lakh jobs in the first year itself, along with backlog posts reserved for SCs, STs, and BCs. On 2 June of every year, notifications for jobs will be issued and, on 17 September, appointment letters would be distributed. An unemployment allowance of ₹4,000 per month will be paid to them.
  3. In all seven zones in Telangana, employment exchanges will be set up. There will be skill development centres. A total of 75 percent of jobs in private industries would be given to the local youth. There will also be a Youth Commission on the lines of SC and ST Minority Commissions to provide succour to the youth. Youth would be provided interest-free loans of ₹10 lakh to set up their own businesses. The government will set up a department to help the youth who want to go to the Gulf in search of employment. The department would guide the youths. This will end the cheating by unscrupulous agencies.
  4. The government will provide fee reimbursement to the SCs, STs, and BCs who are in professional colleges. It will clear all the arrears. It will set up integrated universities at Adilabad, Khammam, and Medak. To set up a sports university. There will be two universities at Warangal and Hyderabad for the children of employees of the RTC, police departments where education from sixth standard to the PG would be free.
  5. All girl students, who are above 18 years old be provided electric scooters to help them reach their colleges without having to depend on their family members.

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