KTR fulminates against ‘political tourist’ Priyanka Gandhi ahead of her Hyderabad public meeting

At a a public meeting at the Saroornagar Indoor Stadium, Priyanka Gandhi is expected to release a 'Youth Declaration'.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published May 08, 2023 | 8:31 AMUpdatedMay 08, 2023 | 8:31 AM

Priyanka Gandhi in Hyderabad

Describing Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi as a “political tourist”, BRS Working President and IT Minister KT Rama Rao said that some politicians who had nothing to do have made it a habit to visit Telangana to provoke the youth.

Referring to the unemployed youth rally in Hyderabad on Monday that Priyanka Gandhi is scheduled to address, he said that the parties which did not work for the welfare of people while in power are now preaching sermons, unaware that Telangana has consistently been ranked high in performance.

The rally is also expected to focus on how the question papers of the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) had leaked, throwing a wet blanket on the enthusiasm of the job aspirants.

In a statement on Sunday, 7 May, KTR said that the country would not have experienced an unemployment crisis if the Congress and the BJP had announced an employment policy and worked like the BRS.

He said that the Telangana government, under the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, had provided employment to 2.2 lakh youth in the government and 22 lakh youth in the private sector.

Provoking the youth

Asserting that Congress leaders will not succeed in provoking the youth against the BRS, he asked the grand old party to introspect on how many posts it had filled through the Public Service Commission when it was in power in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, and compare the figure with that of Telangana.

He demanded that Priyanka Gandhi apologise on behalf of Congress party for taking the lives of hundreds of youth in the state during the separate Telangana movement, by delaying the formation of the state for their political gains.

KTR said that even the current Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee’s (TPCC) president A Revanth Reddy had termed Sonia Gandhi in the past as the culprit (balidevatha) for all the suicides that had taken place.

The minister said that Hyderabad is a global city which welcomes lakhs of tourists every day and it also welcomes political tourists like Priyanka Gandhi.

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‘Congress a sinking ship’

He likened the Congress to a sinking ship and suggested Priyanka Gandhi to convert her political tour into an educational tour.

He asked her to witness the growth of Telangana and learn by seeing the world-class roads, flyovers, cable bridge and offices of the top MNCs in Hyderabad.

KTR suggested she ask fellow congressmen what people like superstar Rajinikanth spoke about Hyderabad. He invited her to understand local conditions and learn from what she sees.

The Minister said that in stark contrast to the Congress rule, the BRS-led Telangana government provided 24×7 power supply, Rythu Bandhu, Aasara pensions for the needy, Mission Bhagiratha, and so on.

He suggested to Priyanka to learn from the inclusive and holistic developmental activities, and policies of Telangana, and implement them in Congress-ruled states.

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Priyanka’s public meeting

Meanwhile, Telangana Congress in-charge Manikrao Thakre alleged the BRS government was deceiving unemployed in the state for the last nine years without providing proper jobs to them.

“Instead of issuing job notifications properly, the state government is leaking question papers and playing with the lives of innocent youth,” he said while interacting with media persons in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Priyanka Gandhi is arriving at the city on Monday to address a public meeting at the Saroornagar Indoor Stadium to instill “confidence among the youth affected by the question paper leak”, he said.

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In her maiden visit to the city after becoming AICC general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi will release a Youth Declaration at the meeting.

“If the Congress is voted to power, it will fulfil the aspirations of the people of Telangana,” Thakre said, adding that if the party promises anything, it would certainly implement it. In Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the Congress implemented all the promises made to the people, he claimed.

Congress Legislature Party leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said it was the grand old party that created Telangana.

Everyone felt that youth would get government jobs if a separate state for Telangana was carved out. But after separate state was formed, the youth failed to get jobs for the last nine years, he said.