It’s not just an invite; it’s a divine ‘Bulawa’: Poet Prasoon Joshi on the “Ram Mandir Day”

In an exclusive interview at the Wings India event, Joshi speaks about the Ram Temple consecration and also about branding and marketing Air India.

ByDeepika Pasham

Published Jan 18, 2024 | 9:39 PMUpdatedJan 18, 2024 | 9:39 PM

Prasoon Joshi

Lord Ram has been eternal. Look at the poets of different eras. Everybody has written about Ram. Go deep beyond Uttarakhand and one will find a boy by the name ‘Ram’ and then come down to the South where one goes by the name ‘Ramaswamy’.

These are the words of eminent poet, lyricist, and screenwriter Prasoon Joshi, who is also the CEO of McCann World Group India and Chairman APAC (Asia Pacific), a subsidiary of the global marketing firm McCann Erickson.

In an exclusive interview with South First at the Wings India event in Telangana, Joshi speaks about the Ram Temple and its upcoming consecration. He also delves into the nuances of his new job of branding and marketing Air India.

Ram Temple invite a ‘Bulawa’

Joshi reveals that he has been invited for the occasion on 22 January, reframing it not as an invite but as a “Bulawa” — a divine call.

The poet-lyricist emphasises the emotional and spiritual significance of the Ram Temple consecration, setting the tone for a deeper understanding of faith and unity in the evolving landscape of contemporary India.

Answering a question of the consecration ceremony being held amid the incomplete construction of the Ram Temple, Joshi offers his personal viewpoint, “The Ram Mandir Day is about the emotion, and spirituality is an individual person’s journey. I cannot comment on other people’s opinions, but to me, it is the feeling of oneness as a poet.”

Reflecting on Lord Ram’s influence, Joshi highlights, “The times have told us that he has been there before us (humans) and will be there after us. It is a moment to celebrate and connect with others. I think Ram unites everybody.”

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Joshi and Air India

In our conversation, Joshi delves into his role as the Creative Head for Air India, a position that involves steering the branding and marketing efforts for the national airline.

“I have been associated with marketing and branding for years now. We are the Communication Partner and I am the Creative Head for Air India. I have been involved right from the beginning of branding and I think it’s an important step,” he says.

Joshi further remarks, “Bit by bit, Air India is addressing every aspect, from the consumer to business, reflecting the vision of a new India with new marketing ideas.”

Discussing the multiple hats that he effortlessly juggles, Joshi shares, “I am essentially a poet-lyricist, and my heart lies there. But when it comes to branding and designing, that’s also something I really enjoy.”

“These are all narratives, and I love to tell human love stories and make love stories out of narratives,” he concludes.

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Wings India

Wings India 2024, touted as Asia’s premier civil aviation event, is currently underway at Begumpet Airport from 18 to 21 January.

The event will witness the display of new-generation aircraft from various manufacturers, allied aviation services, auxiliary units, industries, and tourism sectors.

It was inaugurated by Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Minister of Civil Aviation, with a specific focus on commercial, general, and business aviation at Begumpet Airport.

Wings India, held biennially, aims to bring together industry leaders and policymakers, showcasing India’s strength in the aviation sector and its ascent to become the world’s third-largest civil aviation market.