Congress government in Telangana may not last even a year, says KCR

KCR also said surveys predicted that Congress might not win even two Lok Sabha seats in the state, and Revanth Reddy looked set to join BJP.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Apr 16, 2024 | 10:21 PM Updated Apr 16, 2024 | 10:21 PM

Exodus from BRS to Congress resumes but KCR is hopeful

Even while wishing that the current Congress government should last its full five-year term, BRS supremo K Chandrashekar Rao on Tuesday, 16 April, said he had his doubts about whether it would survive even a single year.

The former chief minister was addressing an election rally in Sultanpur in the Sangareddy district to bolster the prospects of the party candidates for Medak and Zaheerabad Lok Sabha constituencies.

He said on the occasion that he had doubts if current Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy would last even one year after watching the latter’s nervousness at an election rally in Narayanpet as he kept making promises.

KCR also said surveys had predicted that Congress might not win even two Lok Sabha seats in the state, and Revanth Reddy looked as though he was set to join BJP.

“It looks uncertain which party the Congress leaders would join, but the chief minister appears to have decided to join forces with the saffron party. He will ask people to vote for Congress when in Telangana but when he goes to Delhi, he asks the people to vote for BJP,” the former chief minister said.

He slammed Congress for not paying homage to BR Ambedkar at his statue on Sunday, 14 April, near the state secretariat. Worse still, the area had been locked out to prevent others from going near it and paying tributes, he added.

“How arrogant the government has become! It was because of Article 3 of the Constitution, authored by Ambedkar, that we could get a separate Telangana state,” noted the BRS chief.

He said that paying tributes to Ambedkar was the minimum one could do. He wondered whether Congress was shunning the Ambedkar statue because it was set up by BRS. “In such a case, why is the chief minister sitting in the secretariat, which is also named after Ambedkar?” he asked.

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Calling on farmers

KCR was very categorical in stating that the people should vote for BRS to fight on their behalf to get what they deserve.

“If you vote for Congress, it will get emboldened to assume that people would continue supporting it regardless of whether it delivered on its promises,” said KCR

“We are already suffering by voting for Congress. Let us be on our guard in the Lok Sabha elections,” he added.

The BRS chief called upon the farmers to take up postcard agitations for payment of ₹500 as a bonus over the minimum support price (MSP) per quintal of paddy procured and waiver of ₹2 lakh farm loans at one go.

Congress had promised to waive the farm loans immediately after coming to power and even set the date as 9 December, 2023. Now it has deferred the ₹2 lakh waiver to Independence Day.

“It has become imperative that we fight with the Congress government for the loan waiver,” he said.

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‘Why should police bother about politics?’

The former chief minister said that sometimes even lilliputs come to power by quirks of fate, noting that people elect them to perform well.

In Lok Sabha elections, if people elect BRS, it will exert pressure on the lilliputs to perform in the state, he added.

The former chief mistier also warned the director general police against arresting and harassing BRS workers active on social media. “We are recording all your transgressions. As soon as we come to power, we will deal with you. Why should police bother about politics?” he asked.

In another development, KCR called a high-level meeting of the party at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad on 18 April to fine-tune the campaign for the Lok Sabha polls, going forward.

The focus, it is learnt, would be on bus yatras in the state to drum up support for BRS. He is expected to distribute B-forms to candidates since nominations would open the same day for the Lok Sabha elections.

(Edited by Arkadev Ghoshal)