CPI(M) party office vandalised in Tamil Nadu for supporting inter-caste marriage

The group was allegedly enraged by the support of CPIM for the couple and assaulted two workers and vandalised the party office.


Published Jun 15, 2024 | 12:22 AM Updated Jun 15, 2024 | 12:22 AM

Marxist party in Tamil Nadu vandalised for supporting inter caste marriage

The CPI(M) office in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli was allegedly vandalised and two party workers were attacked on Friday, 14 June by a group that opposed the Marxist party’s support to a young couple, belonging to different castes, who got married on 13 June.

According to police sources, the couple got married in the premises of the party office on Thursday, 13 June and the relatives of the woman (and an office-bearer and supporters of a caste-based association) barged into the party office and a verbal duel ensued between them and party workers.

Enraged by the support of Marxist party members for the couple, the group assaulted two workers and vandalised the party office. Allegedly, the woman belongs to a ‘forward’ community and the man hails from a Scheduled Caste.

Strongly condemning the attack, CPI(M) state secretary K Balakrishnan, in a statement said that “it is very shocking that honour killing is continuously happening in Tirunelveli district,” and in continuation of this trend, his party office has been vandalised and party workers were attacked for giving protection to the couple.

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Urging the police to take appropriate action against the perpetrators of violence, the Marxist party leader also sought protection for the young couple. Balakrishnan said the couple had made arrangements to get their marriage registered with the Sub-Registrar’s office at Melappalayam on Friday. Since this attempt was scuttled by the family of the woman, the couple approached the CPI(M) seeking ‘protection.’

When the party made efforts to get the marriage registered with police permission, a 25-member gang barged into the district committee office and damaged several things including furniture and assaulted two party workers when they tried to stop the vandalism. Police have taken some members of the group into custody, the Left party leader said and added that the group was in a rage and frantically looked for the couple.

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