PM fighting imaginary promises, should debate ‘real’ issues in Congress manifesto: P Chidambaram

Chidambaram's remarks come amid repeated attacks by the prime minister over Congress leader Sam Pitroda's 'inheritance tax' comments.


Published Apr 28, 2024 | 12:21 PM Updated Apr 28, 2024 | 12:21 PM

P Chidambaram during an election rally.

Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday, 28 April, said the prime minister has imagined a Congress manifesto written by one of his ghost speech writers and instead should debate the real issues in the document.

Chidambaram’s remarks come amid repeated attacks by the prime minister over Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s ‘inheritance tax’ comments amid the row on the issue of ‘wealth redistribution’.

“The Hon’ble Prime Minister continues to discover and read in the Congress’ manifesto words and sentences that are not there! He has imagined a Congress’ manifesto written by one of his ghost speech writers,” Chidambaram, who was the chairman of the committee that drafted the Congress manifesto, said.

The phrase ‘inheritance tax’ does not occur anywhere in the manifesto, the former finance minister said in his post on X.

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‘Congress’ promises are clear’

“The Congress’ promises on taxation are quite clear: Bring an era of transparency, equity, clarity and impartial tax administration of Direct Taxes; Maintain stable personal income tax rates for the term of 5 years; Lessen the burden of tax on MSMEs,” Chidambaram said.

He further said that Congress promises to end the duplicitous ‘cess’ Raj of the Modi government and shopkeepers and retail businesses will be given significant tax relief and GST 2.0 will be introduced.

“It is disappointing to see the Hon’ble PM fight imaginary ghosts. He should debate the ‘real’ issues included in the Congress’ Manifesto,” Chidambaram said.

In a statement on Thursday, Chidambaram had said the “manufactured” controversies on ‘redistribution of wealth’ and ‘inheritance tax’ showed that fear has gripped the BJP, which has fallen back on distortion, falsehoods and abuse” as ‘Modi ki Guarantee’ has vanished without a trace.

Chidambaram asserted that the document is religion-neutral and promises justice for all sections of the people.

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