The claim of transman delivering baby is ‘hollow’: IUML leader MK Muneer

The former state minister said the person who gave birth to a baby was actually a woman, although the person had removed her breasts.

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Published Feb 13, 2023 | 4:42 PM Updated Feb 13, 2023 | 4:42 PM

Transman pregnancy MK Muneer

Senior Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leader MK Muneer questioned the logic behind the reports that a trans-man delivering a baby in Kerala.

“Those who believe in such wonders are living in a fool’s paradise,” Muneer said during a programme organised by Wisdom Islamic Conference on Sunday, 12 February.

As the transgender community in Kerala celebrated the birth of a baby for trans-couple Ziya Paval and Zahhad in Kozhikode last week, Muneer said homosexual couples can never conceive and termed as “hollow” the claim that the person who had delivered a baby in Kerala recently was a trans-man.

Ziya Paval had recently announced partner Zahhad’s pregnancy, claiming that this was the first trans-men’s pregnancy in India. The couple was blessed with a baby at a state-run hospital in Kozhikode on 8 February.

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‘Person who gave birth is actually woman’

The former state minister said the person who gave birth to a baby was actually a woman, although she had removed her breasts to look like a man.

“The presence of a womb in the person who gave birth to the baby proves that it was actually a woman,” the Koduvally MLA said, adding that the pregnancy happens when a sperm fertilises an egg.

Muneer’s statement came amid a move by the transgender couple to register their new gender identity in the birth certificate and other documents of the newborn.


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‘We have right to change gender’

Though Zahhad had delivered the child, the trans-man wanted his name to be registered as the father of the baby and Paval, his trans-woman partner as the mother.

Paval had said that a request had been submitted to the Government Medical College Hospital authorities for the same.

“We gave a letter to the hospital authorities in this regard and they assured us that it will be considered. As per the recent verdicts of the Supreme Court and the Transgender Persons Act, 2019, we have the right to change our gender,” she had said.

Paval had also said they have the transgender identity card issued by the Union government and so they expect that there won’t be any legal hurdle to get their request granted.

First in the country?

Earlier, the couple had claimed through Instagram that they are the first trans couple in India to be pregnant.

“We are about to realise my dream of becoming a mother and his dream of becoming a father. An eight-month-old foetus is now in (Zahhad’s) belly… From what we came to know, this is the first transman’s pregnancy in India…,” Paval said in the Instagram post.

Paval and Zahhad have been together for the past three years.

Zahhad, who was undergoing a gender reaffirmation process, stopped the treatment midway, as the couple decided to have a child after their attempts to adopt a child failed due to legal complications.

According to reports, they took the decision about one and a half years ago and Zahhad’s hormonal treatment was stopped temporarily for that.

Even though he had undergone several surgical procedures for gender reaffirmation, the uterus and related organs were not removed, which made the pregnancy possible.

Zahhad is working as an accountant in a supermarket and Ziya is a dancer.

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