If Mughals are aliens, so are Aryans: DMK MP A Raja in Lok Sabha

Quoting Ambedkar once again, Raja said, "If at all any race is entitled to this land, it is only Dravidian."

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Published Jul 02, 2024 | 5:00 PM Updated Jul 02, 2024 | 6:24 PM

DMK MP A Raja in Lok Sabha

DMK MP from Nilgiris, A Raja on Monday, 1 July in his Motion of thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha, questioned how can one call the Mughal rule slavery.

Referring to  Prime Minister Modi’s remarks in Red Fort calling the Mughal rule 1,000 years of slavery, Raja stated, “Gandhi, Patel, Nehru, Ambedkar, including Sham Prasad Mookerjee, has called the 200-year British rule as slavery.”

“That was because the British came here for trade, commerce, and business, and enslaved us. Whereas the Mughals came here, settled here, and ruled here. English people ruled from the viceroy council sitting in England. Officers were sent from England.”

He further stated that the rule that is upheld as slavery is foreign rule, “The switch was in England.”

Noting that, like the Mughals, Aryans also have come from somewhere, Raja said, “If Mughals are alien, Aryans, who are a part of Hindu society, Aryans are also alien.”

Quoting Ambedkar once again, Raja said, “If at all any race is entitled to this land, it is only Dravidian.”

Further criticising Modi, he said, what is happening in India is “Nepotism, Corruption, and appeasement.”

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Demand for Caste census

The DMK MP further demanded a nationwide caste-based census.

He stated that, if the government really cares about the integration of the Hindus, there must be a caste-based census.

“I want to celebrate our religion, provided you should give equal opportunity to all.”

Quoting BR Ambedkar, A Raja said, “Hindu religion is nothing but an assortment of caste. Division of labour is universal to the entire world, but in our religion, what has been done is a division of labourers by birth.”

Further attacking the Vishwakarma scheme of the BJP, he said, “You don’t want to remove the division of labourers, that is why you brought Vishwakarma. You want to maintain the caste system, in order to keep your Hindu religion for your own political convenience.”

Batting for the Dravidian ideology, the MP noted, “My forefathers went to Sri Lanka due to poverty, but today I am standing in the parliament questioning Modi, because of the Periyar, Ambedkar, Anna, and Dravidian ideology.”

Reiterating the need for a caste-based census, Raja said, it is essential for an egalitarian society.

Questioning the privatisation of Public Sector Undertakings, Raja questioned, “If they are privatised, how will the ST, SC, and OBC people get jobs?”

“Social angle of the PSUs is not at all considered by this government willfully because you want a Hindu Raj with elite people.”

Without naming, Raja stated, “Two people are selling India, two people are buying India.”

(Edited by Sumavarsha Kandula)