‘We believe in Gandhi’s Hinduism not Godse’s’: KC Venugopal in Lok Sabha

Raising the question of, 'who is a real Hindu', Venugopal said, 'The one who understands the message of debate, tolerance and human values.'

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Published Jul 02, 2024 | 2:45 PM Updated Jul 02, 2024 | 4:01 PM

KC Venugopal in Lok Sabha

Congress MP KC Venugopal — from Alappuzha in Kerala — on Tuesday, 2 July, in his Motion of thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha, raised questions regarding the irregularities during the elections.

Questioning the President’s address, where it was insisted that the government has a clear majority, Venugopal questioned, “Why is the President insisting the government has a clear majority? We are quite sure that this government’s insecurity is reflected through the president’s address.”

“Technically they are in power but what was the pre-election situation in the country? You told 400 plus then you come down to 240 from 303 in the previous term (2019). Even this 240 you got due to the clear support of ED, CBI and IT, and also with the hate propagated 24/7 on the corporate-funded media. And of course misusing of election missionary.”

The Congress MP further claimed that without the said support, BJP would get only 140 seats.

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‘Moral victory’

Further hitting out at the BJP, Venugopal said, ED has become the tool of the BJP. “They are using washing machine politics, to clean all the people with scams”

Calling the INDIA bloc’s performance a moral victory, he said, “Without the help of all those, and without the help of media, INDIA got 237 seats, that is the moral victory.”

Recalling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech pre-elections in Kerala, Venugopal noted, “Modiji said, Rahul Gandhi is going to loose Wayanad, that is why he is contesting in Rae Bareli too, however, Rahul Gandhi won in both the constituencies with more than four lakh votes, about double the majority of what prime minister got in Varanasi.”

“He also told after Amethi, he (Rahul) will lose Wayanad, and that Congress is fielding their ‘sepoy’ Kishori Lal in Amethi.”

Calling it the BJP’s narrative,  Venugopal said, Kishori Lal has been a Congress karyakartha since 40 years, and the people of Amethi chose him with a majority more than that of PM Modi.”

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Communal speeches of Modi, and Hinduism

Quoting article 123 3 (a) of the Constitution, the Congress MP recalled the communal speech of PM Modi in Banswara.

He however noted that the people of Banswara rejected the communal politics, and elected INDI alliance member with over two lakh majority votes.

He said, “Our PM has clearly violated entire constitutional norms in his speech. We gave hundreds of petitions to the election commission, and they have become only a silent spectator. I am going to challenge you people (BJP), you are not a Hindu believer at all. You are using Hinduism for polarising the people to win the election.”

KC Venugopal questioned if the BJP members are the real believers, or if the INDI alliance members are the real believers of Hinduism.

Raising the question of, “who is a real Hindu”, the Congress MP said, “The one who understands the message of debate, tolerance and human values.”

“Mahatma Gandhi and Godse believe in the Bhagwad Gita, but Gandhi learnt non-violence, tolerance and respect for human life from the Gita and the message of Lord Krishna. Godse learnt violence, murder and intolerance from the same text. We believe in Gandhi’s Hinduism not Godse’s Hinduism.”

Recalling the statements of BJP leaders calling PM Modi “greater than god”, Venugopal said, you BJP think that Narendra Modi is bigger than God. That is the biggest anti-Hindu statement. Nobody is bigger than God as per Hindu tradition, and that is why God punished them in this election.”

Further stating that only Rahul Gandhi’s remarks were expunged, Venugopal said, BJP MP Anurag Thakur’s remarks were not touched.

“The rule must be applicable to all the members of the House Speaker has expunged Rahul Gandhi’s speech. The speaker didn’t touch Anurag Thaur’s speech”

(Edited by Sumavarsha Kandula, with inputs from Nolan Patrick Pinto)