Congress ‘strangled’ Constitution during Emergency, INDIA bloc’s reservation intentions are dangerous: PM Modi

PM Modi attacked the Congress over the issue of corruption and and said it has done a double PhD in corruption.


Published May 30, 2024 | 6:00 PM Updated May 30, 2024 | 6:00 PM

PM Modi attacks Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, 30 May attacked the Congress for “ranting” about the Constitution when it was the one that “strangled” it during the Emergency and did not care about it when Sikhs were killed in the 1984 riots.

“Sikhs were killed after putting burning tyres around them. At that time, they did not care about the Constitution,” Modi said in his last poll rally in the seven-phase election.

At the rally in favour of the BJP’s Hoshiarpur candidate Anita Som Parkash and Anandpur Sahib nominee Subhash Sharma here, the PM also touched upon the issues of reservation, corruption and the Ram Temple.

Hitting back at the Congress for its charge that the BJP would scrap the Constitution if voted to power, Modi said, “Nowadays people of the country are hearing rants from INDI alliance about the Constitution. These are the same people who strangled the constitution during the Emergency.”

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INDIA bloc’s reservation intention is dangerous

Modi charged that the intentions of the Congress and INDIA bloc over the issue of reservation are “dangerous”.

“In the last 10 years, I have always protected reservation for SC/ST/OBCs,” he said. “Congress and INDI alliance are enraged over my efforts. Their intentions on the reservation are dangerous. Their complete track record has been to snatch reservation of SC, ST and OBC,” he said.

Accusing the opposition of insulting the spirit of the Constitution and sentiments of BR Ambedkar, he said they want reservation based on religion in government jobs, sports, government tenders and admission to universities. The Prime Minister charged that the Opposition wanted to give reservation rights to Muslims after snatching it from Dalits and down-trodden people.

“It is a big conspiracy to divide the country based on religion,” he alleged as he slammed the INDIA bloc.

Further attacking the Congress over the issue of corruption, Modi called it ‘bhasrishtachar ki janni’ (Mother of corruption) and said the party has done a “double PhD in corruption.” Training his guns at the AAP, Modi said now ‘kattar bharashtatchri’ (thoroughly dishonest) has joined hands with the Congress.

“You see they are doing a drama of fighting against each other here (in Punjab). In Delhi, they were fighting together,” he said.

Calling AAP also a ‘bhayankar jhoothwadi party’, Modi said the AAP formed the first government in Delhi with the support of the Congress. Alleging that the AAP has learnt lessons on indulging in corruption from the Congress, he said ‘kattar bhrishtachari’ (AAP) has taken birth from the “womb of the grand old party.”

Since its inception, the AAP has been a corrupt party, he alleged.

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On AAP’s promise of wiping out the drug menace

While the AAP claimed it would wipe out the drug menace from the state, they made drugs as a source of their income after forming the government, Modi charged.

“The whole world has now come to know about the Delhi liquor scam. Here (in Punjab), the illegal mining mafia is rampant. ‘Kattar bharishtachari and bhayankar jhoothvadi’ (thoroughly corrupt and biggest liars) pushed Punjab into ‘gangwar’. They have destroyed industry and farming in Punjab,” he charged.

Modi said the politics of selfishness of the Congress and INDI alliance has caused loss to the country. They continuously opposed Ram Temple and because of the appeasement politics, they are opposing CAA (Citizenship (Amendment) Act), he said.

Modi said after decades, the time has come for a full majority government at the Centre which will score a hat-trick, as he invoked Guru Ravidas to say that he was the inspiration for working towards the welfare of the poor.

“Welfare of the poor is my government’s top priority. And in this, the big inspiration is Guru Ravidas,” he said while noting that Hoshiarpur is called “Chotti Kashi” and is “tapobhoomi” of the guru.

“And see the coincidence, Varanasi, from where I am MP, Guru Ravidas was born there. Therefore, in this pious land of Hoshiarpur, the closing of the poll campaign is a matter of pride for me,” he said.

Noting that Guru Ravidas said, “man changa to kathoti mein ganga” (if a man’s heart and intentions are pure, then everything is pure), he said, “I am dedicated to the service of the nation with full honesty and, therefore, people’s blessing is with me.”

“After decades, such a time has come that a full-majority government at the Centre is going to score a hat-trick. The biggest reason for this is the dream of Viksit Bharat. Today, every Indian is aligned and connected with the Viksit Bharat dream,” he asserted.

Guru Ravidas envisioned such a society where there is no discrimination based on caste, he said, adding people are getting benefits from the government’s schemes without discrimination.

After we form the government, in the third term, what the government will do in the next 125 days, how it will do, for whom it will do and for how long, work on this roadmap has been done, he said.

“I had said from the ramparts of the Red Fort, ‘yehi samay hai, sahi samay hai’. I am repeating it: the 21st century belongs to India,” he said.

When there is a ‘damdar’ government in the country, foreign governments also see our “dum” (might).

“And in this brave land of Punjab, who better would know the meaning of ‘damdar’?. ‘Damdar’ government is that which teaches lessons to the enemy and strikes inside its territory, one which makes India self-reliant and prosperous,” he added.

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