Baiyappanahalli railway police arrest 3 out of 5 men who dumped woman’s body in a drum at station

The railway police identified the deceased woman to be a native of Uttar Pradesh, which the three accused have said that they are from Bihar.

ByBellie Thomas

Published Mar 16, 2023 | 7:14 AMUpdatedMar 16, 2023 | 4:26 PM

The drum in which the woman's body was found. (Supplied)

The Baiyappanahalli railway police have arrested three of the five people involved in the murder of a woman whose body was found stuffed inside a plastic drum and left at the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal (SMVT) in Baiyappanahalli on the evening of Monday, 13 March.

The police have identified the deceased woman, as well as the three accused, who were picked up from a railway station in a neighbouring state late on Tuesday.

Police are currently withholding their identities as it is an ongoing investigation and have informed reporters that they will reveal the identities as well as other details on Thursday, after confirmation.

“There are some bits of information and further investigation that needs to be pieced together chronologically in order to completely crack the case,” Superintendent of Police Soumyalatha told South First.

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In hot pursuit

According to railway police sources, the cops pursued the three accused persons with the help of CCTV footage through which they were able to identify their auto-rickshaw and the clothes they were wearing.

They tracked them to a railway station in a neighbouring state and brought them back to Bengaluru. The police have since confirmed that the three persons are the same individuals who brought the drum with the woman’s body inside it, in an auto-rickshaw.

The cops have identified the deceased woman to be a native of Uttar Pradesh, while the three accused in custody have told the police that they are from Bihar.

The cops have also confirmed that this trio has no links to the death of the other two women, whose bodies were found recently in train stations.

To recall, one body was found inside a drum abandoned at the Yesvantpur railway station in January this year, and another body was found stuffed inside a gunny sack that came in an unreserved coach on the Bangarapet-SMVT Bangalore MEMU special train in December last year.

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The incident

According to the railway police, the four men in this latest crime — all of whom appeared to be in their early 20s — had come in an auto-rickshaw with the drum and were waiting for a train so that they could board it and dispose the drum elsewhere to mislead the police.

The four of them hung around in front of the Baiyappanahalli railway station for two to three hours, while one of them went inside to check for trains and their destinations.

However, on Monday, the South Western Railway (SWR) had cancelled, diverted, and regulated a total of 10 trains — not only on that route but others too — due to non-interlocking work at Haveri (final phase) in connection with doubling of tracks between Devaragudda and Haveri stations.

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When panic sets in

While four trains were cancelled, four more were diverted, and two were regulated for 100 to 130 minutes, according the SWR public relations officer.

Since there were no trains plying that evening for a long time and the crowd at the railway station was swelling, the four men abandoned the drum with the woman’s body in front of the railway station and fled the spot.

They had then taken the auto-rickshaw to another railway station nearby from where they boarded a train to the neighbouring state, a senior police officer said.

The railway police pursued the auto-rickshaw using CCTV footage and collected evidence regarding the accused. “There are a total of five accused in this case and two are on the run,” the officer added.