Kerala wildlife photographer’s daughter among 3 found dead in Arunachal Pradesh

Kerala Police said they were sending a team to Arunachal Pradesh to probe the deaths amidst speculations of a black magic angle to the deaths.

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Published Apr 03, 2024 | 7:00 AMUpdatedApr 03, 2024 | 7:00 AM


Kerala-based wildlife photographer Balan Madhavan’s daughter Devi was among three residents of the state who were found dead in Arunachal Pradesh.

Madhavan and the families of the other two deceased were reportedly informed of their demise on Tuesday, 2 April after their bodies were recovered from a hotel earlier in the day.

Kerala Police on Tuesday said they were sending a team to Arunachal Pradesh in connection with the deaths amidst speculations — especially by Madhavan — that black magic may be behind their deaths.

They, however, said they could not currently confirm that black magic rituals were involved in the deaths.

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The deceased

The deceased have been identified as Devi, her husband Naveen, and their friend Arya.

According to family members, when they were found, they had several injuries to their bodies, and it seems they had bled to death.

Police were said to be suspecting suicide, as a note recovered from the room reads, “We don’t have any liabilities or problems. We are heading to where we belong.” It was signed by the three victims.

Arya was a schoolteacher in Thiruvananthapuram. On 27 March, Vattiyoorkavu police registered a complaint after she was reported missing.

In the case of the couple, the relatives were said to have thought that they went on a vacation. It is learnt that Naveen was an online trader, and Devi and Arya were colleagues.

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The police action

Thiruvananthapuram City Commissioner of Police (CP) C Nagaraju said there appeared to be something abnormal in the behaviour of the three.

However, nothing could be said conclusively till their mobiles and other electronic devices were examined, he noted.

“We cannot say it was due to black magic or something like that. Our team will go there tonight. After the procedures are completed, we can bring the evidence from there. So it will take some time,” the CP was quoted by PTI as saying on Tuesday.

He also said it needed to be investigated why the three went there and how their deaths occurred.

The officer also said that prima facie, they dif not have any information about any other such groups. “But we need to probe as to why this group was formed and what was their common objective.

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