Controversial politician PC George hints at merging his Kerala Janapaksham (Secular) party with BJP

He has a history of supporting communal organisations representing Hindutva and political Islam apart from Roman Catholic division of church.

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Published Jan 30, 2024 | 3:49 PMUpdatedJan 30, 2024 | 3:49 PM

PC George at his home. (Facebook/PC George)

Former MLA PC George, on Tuesday, 30 January, hinted that the Kerala Janapaksham (Secular) party, led by him, is likely to merge with the BJP.

Speaking to reporters in Kottayam, George said that the “general sentiments” of his party workers are in favour of joining the BJP and that a decision in this regard will be made before the Lok Sabha polls.

If such a decision is taken, it won’t be a merger “as ours is a very small party and it would be like a small stream joining a river,” he said.

George, who represented Poonjar seat in the Kerala Assembly for more than 30 years, praised Narendra Modi’s leadership and said that India has never had such an accomplished Prime Minister and that the opinion among party ranks is to support him.

When asked whether he would contest the Lok Sabha polls if he joined the BJP, he said, “If the BJP asks me to contest, I will; if not, I won’t.”

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PC George through the years

George is a seasoned politician with a long history of taking turns to support communal organisations representing Hindutva and political Islam apart from his Roman Catholic division of the church.

During the last Assembly election, the electorate in Poonjar did not choose the “motormouth” “lone-tusker” as their representative.

The rival LDF candidate won the seat with a thumping majority of 11,404 votes.

Poonjar is a Hindu-majority constituency, and George — the self-proclaimed Christian leader — had won the constituency thus far by ensuring the sizeable Muslim population voted for him.

However, when he used aggressive Hindutva in the last Assembly election, hoping to win the support of devout Hindus, both Hindus and Muslims turned against him. Since then, George has been attempting to be a strong proponent of aggressive Hindutva by using Islamophobia.

Earlier associated with both the ruling LDF and the Opposition UDF, George is now an arch-enemy of both political coalitions.

On numerous occasions, Dalits, tribals, and Muslims were targets of his derogatory remarks.

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Why can’t Kerala politics ignore George?

Despite all the negativity he faces at present, George continues to be a leader no one can ignore in Kerala.

He is entangled in most political controversies the state has witnessed for at least the last 15 years.

He is a very visible political face on local television channels, and each remark of his elicits responses on a large scale, be they positive or negative responses.

George began his political career with Kerala Congress splinter groups led by KM Mani and PJ Joseph.

He later formed the parties Kerala Congress (Secular) and Kerala Janapaksham (Secular).

His detractors say secularism exists only in the names of his parties and never in his mind.