Thousands flock to Karnataka village for ‘wonder pill’ to cure Asthma

The actual 'Muhurta' (auspicious time) for consuming the medicine fell at 7.47 am on Saturday.


Published Jun 08, 2024 | 3:42 PM Updated Jun 08, 2024 | 3:42 PM


A sleepy village in Koppal district came to life on the morning of Saturday, 8 June, as thousands of people from various parts of the country descended on it to receive a herbal medicine that cures respiratory problems, mainly Asthma.

The ‘wonder pill’ prepared by traditional healer Ashok Rao Kulkarni is drawing people from several parts of Karnataka, neighbouring Maharashtra, and all southern states to Kutaganahalli village.

The medication, according to Kulkarni, has to be administered and consumed when the moon transcends from ‘Mrugashira Nakshatra’ to ‘Ardra Nakshatra’.

The actual ‘Muhurta’ (auspicious time) for consuming the medicine fell at 7.47 am on Saturday.

Kulkarni’s family claimed that the medicine is especially helpful in the ‘Jyeshtha Maasa’ of the Hindu lunar calendar when there are rains in the region.

Hence, there was an enormous crowd on Saturday.

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100 years to the medicine

The Kulkarnis have completed a century of giving this medicine to people.

“Earlier my father Vyasa Rao Kulkarni gave me this medicine for 60 years and after him, I started giving it. This is my 40th year distributing the medicines,” Kulkarni told reporters in Kutaganahalli.

It is the century-old trust in medicine that brings people to the village in droves to obtain the medicine free of cost.

Sporting a ‘Dhoti’, ‘Anga Vastram‘ and a tilak of vermillion on his forehead, the bare-chested Kulkarni was ready with globular medicines to hand them over to the needy.

The scene at Kutaganahalli was akin to a grand fair. Expecting a huge turnout, several vendors put up their temporary stalls selling vegetables, food items and knick-knacks.

A huge number of four-wheelers, including SUVs lined up in the village as people formed long queue to receive the ‘wonder pill’, which is the family secret of Kulkarnis.

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