‘Country’s biggest leader has given up morality’: Priyanka Gandhi on PM Modi

She alleged that attempts are on to weaken the Opposition by suppressing their voice, seizing their bank accounts and jailing two CMs.


Published Apr 23, 2024 | 9:03 PMUpdatedApr 23, 2024 | 9:03 PM

Priyanka Gandhi in Karnataka. (X)

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday, 23 April, targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that “the biggest leader of the country has given up morality, does drama before people and does not walk on the path of truth.”

She alleged that attempts are on to weaken the Opposition by suppressing their voice, seizing their bank accounts and jailing two chief ministers.

“There was a time when a leader would stand up, and the people of the country expected him to be an ethical person. They would expect morality from him but today “the biggest leader” of the country has given up morality and does drama before you,” Priyanka said, addressing a public meeting in Chitradurga.

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Slams Modi, BJP

“There was a time when we expected that our leaders would tread on truthfulness. However, today the biggest leader of the nation goes out to show off his clout, his pride, and his fame but does not walk on the path of truth,” she remarked.

She said there was a time when leaders were benevolent and service-oriented but now people see only ego in the “biggest leader of the country”.

It has been the Hindu tradition as well as the political tradition to tread on the path of truthfulness and serve the nation with an attitude of serving others, Priyanka underlined, stating that all previous prime ministers, irrespective of their party affiliations, worked with dedication for the people of the country.

“But today, falsehood dominates Narendra Modi’s government. When he brings down governments through unfair means, the media calls it ‘Modi’s masterstroke’,” she remarked.

The Congress leader observed how no one dares to condemn the BJP, which broke all democratic values to bring down governments, and lamented the media’s response when MLAs are “purchased” for ₹100 crore each, as they say only Modi can do it.

Speaks on electoral bonds, demonetisation

Speaking about the now-scrapped electoral bonds scheme, the Congress leader said that companies that were raided gave donations to the BJP, and then the cases against them were closed.

She further alleged, “It is now clear how the black money was made white through demonetisation and then it was deposited in BJP’s account.”

She wondered “how the companies that were unable to earn even ₹100 crore, donated ₹1,100 crore to the BJP (under the electoral bond scheme).”

“The opposition is targeted by calling them corrupt but the reality is that the BJP is corrupt and it has misled the country in the past 10 years,” Priyanka alleged.

Recalling a BJP leader’s statement that they would change the Constitution, she asked people to be careful. “You must carefully listen to those who talk about changing the Constitution because it will directly impact your lives,” she said.

Speaking about the country facing the “highest unemployment” of the past 45 years — according to the government’s own National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO) job survey for 2017-18 — Priyanka said BJP leaders never speak about employment, bringing down price rise, education and health facilities but they speak only “provocative and mind-diverting topics, and the media prostrates before them.”

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Questions lack of employment opportunities

“People say that in foreign countries as well, Modi is the biggest leader of the world. With so much clout, pride, fame and arrogance, it is said that Modi can stop wars going on in the world ‘with a snap of the fingers’,” the Congress leader mocked.

“I want to ask you if he (Modi) is such a big leader if he has so much clout that no one can ask him questions, why has he failed to generate employment for you, why price rise could not be brought down, why no new schemes were introduced for the youth and why there is no development in your families?” she asked.

Priyanka said that in the past 10 years, the country saw the “meteoric rise” of the PM’s two or three “friends who ranked among the richest people in the world because Modi supported them and gave them all the wealth of the nation.”

“Every day you are told that you must feel proud that India is marching forward but I want to ask you what did you get in the past 10 years?,” she asked.

The Congress general secretary charged the Centre with not releasing funds for drought relief and not completing any of the union government-funded drinking water and irrigation projects in the state.

Reminding the public how the five guarantees of the Congress government in Karnataka “transformed people’s life,” she said a “bigger transformation” would happen if the party is voted to power at the Centre and its ‘Nyaya Patra’ is implemented.

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