From Kolkata to Kerala: This Instagram influencer’s relatable Malayalam reels are winning hearts

Suchorita Roy's hilarious takes on life in God’s own country is rooted in her daily experiences and scenarios while observing the many Malayali families around her.


Published Sep 17, 2023 | 9:00 AM Updated Sep 17, 2023 | 9:00 AM

Born and raised in the cultural hub of Kolkata, West Bengal, her journey to becoming a content creator in the picturesque land of Kerala is as captivating as her reels.

In the world of social media, where content creators are springing up like mushrooms after a rainstorm, Suchorita Roy aka Suchi has been steadily climbing the popularity ladder. Be it her endearing manner of speaking Malayalam or capturing the mannerisms of a true-blue Malayali, Suchi knows how to keep her audience hooked to her content.

Born and raised in the cultural hub of Kolkata, West Bengal, her journey to becoming a content creator in the picturesque land of Kerala is as captivating as her reels.

From the Punjab to Kerala

Three years ago, when Suchi was pursuing her architecture degree at Lovely Professional University in Punjab, she met Aditya Namboodiri. A Malayali, Namboodri would later become her boyfriend and a significant part of her content creation journey.

Suchorita Roy (Supplied)

“I started building an interest in the field around October 2020. I began with styling and transition videos on my Instagram handle click4su. But it was when I accompanied Aditya to his hometown and shifted base to Thiruvananthapuram, after completing my course, that I started making Malayalam content. It was the turning point,” Suchi recounts.

From teaching her Malayalam words to giving her ideas and helping refine her content, Namboodri has been the wind beneath Suchi’s wings. “He even features in some of my reels,” she adds.

Within a year, Suchi garnered a following of 20-30K. Today, she boasts a flourishing Instagram profile, with over 202K followers and reels averaging lakhs of views.

“Gaining followers takes time and I was patient about it. I focused only on delivering high-quality content that does not disappoint. I would say that this mindset paid off,” Suchi points out.

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The secret sauce: Relatable content

Suchi asserts that her audience relates to her content because “it is rooted in everyday experiences.” Her range of content includes situations she has encountered and scenarios that she has observed in many Malayali families.

Her reels, featuring Kerala’s Kudumbashree aunties, humorous KSRTC encounters, and her witty traffic jam conversations with her boyfriend have gone viral. Her reenactments of iconic Malayalam movie dialogues have resulted in a huge fan base.

Amid her success, Suchi also acknowledges the existence of a few detractors.

“There are a few people who do not like my content and can be rude. For example, some have the habit of calling any outsider a ‘Bengali’, irrespective of where they’re from. This used to bother me a lot initially,” she admits.

But in the present, Suchi has embraced her identity.

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Malayalam mastery: A work in progress

Learning Malayalam wasn’t easy. “It is a very difficult language and I’m still not fluent. I’ve been hearing it from my friends for about six years now,” she shares.

While English and Hindi are widely understood in Thiruvananthapuram, where she lives, “knowing enough Malayalam” has helped her in specific situations. For instance, while navigating the local vegetable market or asking for directions, her working knowledge of Malayalam has come to her rescue.

While some might expect a culture shock when moving from Kolkata to Kerala, Suchi found striking similarities between the two cultures.

“The love for fish and rice, and even the saree — Kerala’s white and gold compared to West Bengal’s red and white — showcased cultural connections,” she shares. But, of course, she says, coconut oil took some getting used to.

Suchi’s love for Malayalam culture extends to Malayalam cinema too.

“The camera work, action, and stories in Malayalam movies are top-notch,” she says. Her favourite actors include the legendary Mohanlal and the charming Dulquer Salmaan. She particularly enjoys watching Bangalore Days, the 2014 Malayalam blockbuster that was remade into many languages, over and over again.

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Gunning for more laughs

Suchi’s viewers are her biggest cheerleaders. “They just want me to speak Malayalam the way I do because they enjoy it so much. They encourage me to create more good content. Young children and the elderly who watch my content say that I make them happy,” she shares.

Suchi’s recent promotions for Mazhavil Manorama’s Oru Chiri Iru Chiri Bumper Chiri Season 2 have opened avenues to entertain TV and film audiences.

As Suchi continues to enchant with her relatable humour and captivating storytelling, she’s convinced that a little laughter goes a long way in bridging cultures and bringing people closer, one reel at a time.

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