Second edition of Artix to take place in Hyderabad from 16 March

To be held at The Park Hotel, the entire fourth floor will be transformed into a showcase area set to host a collection of 350 artworks.


Published Mar 07, 2024 | 4:19 PMUpdatedMar 07, 2024 | 4:19 PM

Artix 2.0

After its debut in the national capital last year, “Artix”, touted to be India’s “first-ever Hotel Art Fair”, is now set to make its return in Hyderabad for its second edition, starting 16 March.

To be held at The Park Hotel, where the entire fourth floor will be transformed into a showcase area, the two-day fair will host a curated collection of 350 artworks, live installations, and interaction with the creative minds influencing the trajectory of the art world.

With all rooms on the floor being converted into art saloons and galleries, Artix will feature a melange of Indian and international masters, contemporary and modern art, sculptures, tapestry art, and collectables.

Over 15 galleries, including Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Art Magnum, Arushi Arts, Art Centrix Space, Art & You, nine independent artists, private collectors, and jewellery designers are participating in the show.

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An art show with a twist

The conceptualisation of this artistic venture, according to the organisers, is aimed to blend indigenous and global art, and furnish a platform for art enthusiasts and collectors to delve deeper into the ocean of art and associated verticals.

“Artix edition 2 is an art fair with a twist where the hotel room becomes an art space where the buyer and seller can get to know each other and imagine art like how it would be in their own spaces. It’s more intimate than usual art fairs where the eye does not get a break easily. The luxurious feel relaxed the buyer and seller,” said Payal Kapoor, Co-founder of Artix, in a statement.

The fair, with its commitment to bring together a community of art lovers, and collectors in a more contained and intimate manner, also aims at being the country’s first-ever travelling art fair, with destinations like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata on the cards.

The free-to-all show will come to a close on 17 March.

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