‘Reflections of Womanhood’: Art exhibition to address women’s rights on International Women’s Day

The exhibition aims to address issues faced by women around the world, including disparity in education, employment, and gender inequality.


Published Mar 07, 2024 | 3:57 PMUpdatedMar 07, 2024 | 3:57 PM

Art gallery

A multi-disciplinary art exhibition, featuring works by the likes of Anjolie Ela Menon, FN Souza, Krishen Khanna, Ram Kumar, Biman Dasgupta, Shobha Broota, and Rini Dhumal, aims to address issues faced by women around the world, including disparity in education, employment, and gender inequality.

Collectively organised by Pioneer Art Gallery, the Divine Art Gallery, with digital partner Ehsaas, the art exhibition, titled “Reflections of Womanhood”, will open at the respective galleries on Friday, 8 March, to mark International Women’s Day.

The show will feature paintings, sculptures, photography, installation, and printmaking to put forward the imagery of “silent artworks narrating tales of millions of women across the globe”.

“The show celebrates not only women but also everything feminine from Mother Earth to life, all the way to the inception of the universe with Shiva and Shakti,” the organisers said in a statement.

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A labour of love and dedication

Curated by Manisha Gawade, the exhibition will feature works by 54 artists who have narrated “tales of courage, love, and dedication of countless women on their canvases and sculptures.”

“Only a drastic change in our education can lead to economic freedom for women, leading the way to a progressive new tomorrow. Gender biases cannot pave the way for our generations to come. This show brings this very important message to the nation as a whole,” Gawade said in a statement.

“Ehsaas has always stood for women, artists, and weavers, and we believe that all the art forms are interdependent and it is hence that we take pride in staging this wonderful event as a combined amalgamation of the various art forms,” she added.

Other eminent artists at the exhibition include Alka Raghuvanshi, Gogi Saroj Pal, Jogen Chowdhury, Ananda Moy Banerji, Arpana Caur, Paresh Maity, Shakti Burman, Seema Kohli, Qamar Dagar, Ramesh Gorjala, and Sarla Chandra.

The show will be inaugurated at Pioneer Art Gallery by Kuchipudi maestro Rashmi Vaidyalingam, followed by instrumental music performance by tabla player Pandit Ram Kumar Mishra and Rahul Kumar Mishra, accompanied by Shambhu Sisodia on Sarangi.

At Divine Art Gallery, Odissi doyen Sharon Lowen will inaugurate the show that will be followed by a kathak performance by the disciples of Shinjini Kulkarni.

The exhibition will come to a close on 28 March.

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