Bengaluru’s friendly neighbourhood home bakers: Where to pick the city’s best Christmas cakes

ByFathima Ashraf

Published Dec 23, 2023 | 9:00 AMUpdatedDec 23, 2023 | 11:09 AM

When it comes to cakes, Bengalureans want the best of the best (iStock)

A recent report by a food delivery app called Bengaluru the ‘cake capital’ of India. The city’s residents had reportedly ordered over 8.5 million cakes this year. It is enough proof to show Bengalureans’ affinity for cakes over other desserts. 

It then perhaps makes perfect sense that Bengalureans do not want to compromise on having the best Christmas cake and eating it too. They aren’t ready to settle for any cake that you get off the rack but instead prefer something that’s handcrafted, artisanal and special.

Needless to say, Christmas is also the time the city’s home bakers are the busiest. South First reached out to a few of them who shared with us what makes their cake rise above the rest.

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Distinct touch for every cake

Michelle Gafoor started baking over two decades ago. For her, baking cakes was a cherished Christmas tradition at first, and she would prepare them for family and friends every year. The overwhelming appreciation and love for the cakes prompted her to transform this passion into a business.

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Michelle’s homemade plum cake follows a cherished family recipe that has been passed down through generations.

Popular in the city, her homemade plum cake follows a cherished family recipe that has been passed down through generations.

“For the cake, I use a blend of candied mixed peel, assorted dry fruits, fruit jams, marmalade, caramelised sugar, and finely minced walnuts. Each cake is individually baked in my home oven under my personal supervision, ensuring a distinct touch. The delightful moist texture, coupled with a subtle rum flavor, harmonizes with the fruity essence,” she tells us.

Starting August every year, Michelle meticulously sources ingredients from local suppliers and soaks the fruits in rum. The baking kicks off on 1 December. 

The demand has steadily increased, with orders reaching a peak of approximately 250+ kilograms each year, she tells South First.

“Judging by the overwhelming demand, those who indulge in our cakes seem to have developed a fondness for its nostalgic charm compared to mass-produced alternatives available in the market,” she adds.

Priced at ₹800 for ½ kg and ₹1,600 for 1 kg.

For orders, contact 9845092630.

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Cherished family recipe

Radha Vengataram’s baking journey started during her college years, which led to her first cupcake stall at the annual Bangalore Cake Exhibition.

In 2021, Radha's passion turned into a home-based baking business. (Supplied)

In 2021, Radha’s passion turned into a home-based baking business. (Supplied)

Over the years, she continued to showcase her creations at the exhibition and eventually started taking custom cake orders. In 2021, her passion officially turned into a home-based baking business.

“I follow a cherished family recipe for plum cake. It was passed down from my grandfather’s time in Germany,” says Radha, who lives in Koramangala. 

The fruits are meticulously soaked in liquor, and the cake is crafted with butter, ensuring an authentic touch.

“I exclusively use real fruits, eschewing pulp and artificial fillers for a pure and delicious outcome,” she explains.

Priced at ₹700/cake

For orders, contact +91 99001 11275, @radhabakes on Instagram

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Rich & loaded

There are two types of Christmas cakes that are made at home by Pritha D’souza Kamath.

The trademark of Pritha's cake is its richness. (Supplied)

The trademark of Pritha’s cake is its richness. (Supplied)

Both extremely rich and loaded with fruit. While one is rum based and loaded with dry fruits, the second cake has exotic nuts like macadamia in it and a hint of brandy.

“Compared to all the commercial cakes available, these two cakes are rich and loaded with fruit & nuts. They are also made with butter and high quality ingredients,” says Kamath who took up baking a decade ago.

Kamath makes over 15 kg of cake every year for Christmas.

“The recipe for the rum based cake is from my husband’s grand aunt and is handed down over three generations. The other cake is also a family recipe which was passed down from my aunt,” she adds.

Priced at ₹1,700/kg

For orders, contact 9886111311

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Attention to detail

Cilara Jacob calls herself a pandemic baker. It was the lockdown that made Jacob, who used to be a costume stylist, pick up the spatula. After three years, her business has grown exponentially and she makes about 500 kg of cake during Christmas.

Born in a Syrian Christian family, Jacob follows the Kerala plum cake recipe. “Most of us in the family have the same recipe, but what matters is the quality of the ingredients you use,” she tells us.

For her cakes, Cilara procures spices from her family's plantation. (Supplied)

For her cakes, Cilara procures spices from her family’s plantation. (Supplied)

You can have a great recipe, but if the ingredients are good, the entire product can go south, she points out.

“So I ensure the quality of things I buy. Even the spices I use, such as nutmeg are procured from my family’s plantation. The pineapple jam I use is homemade. The little attention to detail makes them artisanal and not mainstream,” she shares.

Jacob offers over 10-15 varieties of cakes. She uses currants, raisins- black and golden, dates, cranberry, apricot, ginger peel, candied orange, cherries for her cakes.

“All cakes are rum-soaked. I soak my fruits as early as in May so that it’s nicely pickled and plumped up,” she shares, adding that she also offers vegan, gluten free and eggless cakes for the discerning crowd. 

Priced at ₹950 for 1/2 kg and ₹1,750/kg.

For orders, contact: 98869 82680

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Something for everyone

For Christmas, Merlin Philip bakes over 8 varieties of cake. There is the traditional Christmas fruit cake, rum cake, plum cake, rum & raisin cake, marble cake, chocolate cake, among others.

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Having started baking since 8 years now, Philip uses her family recipe for rum cake. Working out of her home kitchen, she sells over 150 kg of cake every year during Christmas.

I make sure all my ingredients are of premium quality, Merlin tells us.

“I won’t buy the ingredients from wholesale shops. Besides, I continue soaking my fruits in the same mix year after year. For the last 9 years, I have been doing that. So the infusion of fruit and rum is strong and flavourful. I also lightly roast my spices and powder them at home before adding them to the cake,” she shares her secret.

Priced at ₹750 for ½ kg.

For orders, contact +91 96636 54430

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Buttery goodness

For Nina Jacob, her heirloom plum cake recipe was handed down from her grandmother.

“It’s a blend of the finest dry fruits steeped in Old Monk rum for over six months, complemented by hints of warming spices, my homemade preserves, and other ingredients. To bake the cake, I use only pure butter and ghee and allowed to mature so that the end result is a cake that is rich and delicious,” shares Jacob, who has been selling her plum cakes for the past 6 years.


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Based out of Horamavu, her home kitchen whips up over 100 cakes every year.

Priced at ₹750/ for ½ kg.

For orders, contact: @ninajac0b on Instagram