Warm reception to ‘Hanu-Man’ has been so satisfying: Actor Teja Sajja

Teja Sajja said that his team is contemplating expanding 'Hanu-Man' to audiences in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and possibly other countries.

ByPrakash Pecheti

Published Jan 15, 2024 | 7:00 PMUpdatedJan 15, 2024 | 7:00 PM

Teja Sajja

Following the stupendous response to his latest superhero flick Hanu-Man from audiences, Teja Sajja is overjoyed and elated.

The actor said, “The overwhelming response, particularly from audiences beyond the Telugu-speaking regions, has been truly astonishing. While the Telugu audience is familiar with my body of work, the support pouring in from speakers of other languages is profoundly gratifying.”

“Witnessing such exceptional openings and numbers, I believe Hanu-Man will become a landmark film in my career,” Teja Sajja said while interacting with the media in Hyderabad.

Following initial hiccups that the team faced during the release — be it the substantially fewer screens in the Telugu states or be it the pressure from other contenders to postpone the film — Sajja was unknowingly nervous as the film inched closer to the release date 12 January.

“But we had confidence that everything would unfold as planned. The increasing number of theatres each day bolstered our belief that Hanu-Man would run successfully for more than four weeks. We were confident in expecting another week of success surpassing the current one,” he added.

Credit to audiences

A poster of the film Hanu-Man

A poster of the film ‘Hanu-Man’. (X)

The Zombie Reddy (2021) actor said that he credits this success to the audience.

“Their warm reception has been genuinely touching. Hanu-Man stands has again set an example that a well-crafted story can entertain audiences, and I extend my sincere gratitude to everyone including my team and well-wishers,” Sajja added.

He said that his team is contemplating expanding Hanu-Man to audiences in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and possibly other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The Hanu-Man actor said, “From day one, our producer Niranjan Reddy invested immense faith in our team. Because of the trust of my director Prashanth and our producer, I refused to accept other film commitments during the making of Hanu-Man.”

“I felt any other film might have affected its outcome. Watching premieres with the audience and witnessing their fantastic response, finally felt as if the whole weight lifted off my shoulders,” he added.

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Commitment towards craft

Praising director Prasanth Varma for valuing the cast’s inputs, Teja Sajja said that the director has a strong commitment towards his craft.

Teja Sajja said, “I have this freedom to openly express my thoughts on sets of Hanu-Man because Prasanth and I have been maintaining this strong bond ever since Zombie Reddy. What I believe will surely resonate with the audience.”

“Director Prasanth values input from everyone on the sets during the creative process. He showcased his commitment to making the movie more extraordinary. Our collaborative efforts as a team were crucial in the making of Hanu-Man a grand success,” Sajja said.

Crafting the statue of Lord Hanuman took six months for a single shot, all the action sequences in the superhero film are original. From the underwater sequences to the climax, everything was shot realistically.

“Even the particular sequence where I was seen suspended in the air — I would climb the ropes in the morning and get down in the evening. It was quite a challenging task,” he added.

Teja Sajja said that Megastar Chiranjeevi, with whom he shared screen space in the blockbuster flick Indra in 2002, was aware of the Hanu-Man project since its inception. “He understood our intentions. I felt very thankful to him when he sent a congratulatory message on 12 January.”

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