Turbo review: A one-man show by Mammootty

Mammootty cakewalks through 'Turbo' with finesse. The film marks a perfect comeback for the superstar to commercial cinema.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published:May 23, 2024

Mammootty in a still from the film Turbo

Turbo (Malayalam)

23-05-2024, Action-Drama , 2 hours 32 minutes U
  • Main Cast:Mammootty, Anjana Jayapraksh, Raj B Shetty, Sunil, Niranjana Anoop, Shabareesh Varma, and Bindu Panicker
  • Director:Vysakh
  • Producer:Mammootty Kampany
  • Music Director:Christo Xavier
  • Cinematography:Vishnu Sarma



After a short break from the mass movies, Mammootty is back to action with a commercial potboiler—Turbo.

Director Vysakh, who proved his expertise in making mass entertainers, does the same thing in his latest outing.

Vysakh’s previous film Monster (2022), featuring Mohanlal, didn’t work in theatres. However, the director returns with a bang with Turbo.

As suggested by the trailer, the film caters to the mass audiences.

Turbo has been written by director Midhun Manuel Thomas. The plot offers some key moments that take the movie forward. Read on the review to know more:


Turbo is an action entertainer heled by Vysakh

‘Turbo’ is an action entertainer helmed by Vysakh. (X)

Jose (Mammootty) aka Turbo Jose lives with his mother in Idukki. He is loved by his friends, including Jerry (Shabareesh Varma).

He is also notoriously popular for being a thug since he is involved in local issues.

Jose interferes in the relationship of Jerry and Induleka (played by Anjana Jayaprakash). Jerry and Indulekha are both senior officers working in different private banks in Chennai.

Meanwhile, a major twist in the story comes with the introduction of a corporate businessman named Vetrivel Shanmugan (played by the Kannada actor Raj B Shetty).

Set in Chennai, the film shifts gears following the rivalry between Jose and Vetrivel, the main villain involved in a financial scam.

The rest of the movie is about Jose, Indulekha, and Jerry overcoming their problems and the heroic acts of Jose.

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An interesting factor in the movie is the relationship between Mammootty and his mom (played by Bindu Panicker). Their camaraderie reminds us of Pothan Vava (2006), where Usha Uthup and Mammootty portrayed the roles of mother and son.

Midhun Manuel Thomas’s script has all the elements of a commercial entertainer. It has sentiment, comedy, and fights.

Interestingly, it has only one song. Usually, Vysakh’s films boast a rhythmic soundtrack.

Mammootty in Turbo

Mammootty in ‘Turbo’. (X)

Another major highlight of the film is its high-octane action scenes. The fight sequences seem tailor-made for Mammootty, as his fans erupt in loud cheers and whistles in the theatre.

The 20-plus minutes in the climax offer a thrilling experience to the audience.

Phoenix Prabhu deserves applause for his brilliant action choreography that elevates the flick. Vysakh showcases them really well on the silver screen, much like in his previous works Pokkiri Raja (2010) and Pulimurugan (2016).

Mammootty becomes the show-stealer with his one-man show in this hero-centric film.

Whenever he appears on the screen, the superstar doesn’t let you take your eyes off him. He thoroughly enthrals his fans and movie lovers with his mannerisms as Turbo Jose.

Other highlights of Turbo are Kannada actor Raj B Shetty’s Vetrivel and Telugu actor Sunil’s Auto Billa.

Raj B Shetty is as ferocious as Vetrivel.

Auto Billa is a quirky local don, and Sunil gets under the skin of the role. The film marks the actor’s debut in Malayalam.

The background music by Christo Xavier is apt in the action scenes, The sound resembling a car’s motor used in action sequences elevates the high adrenaline fights.

It may be noted here that Mammootty suggested Christo’s name for Turbo. The duo worked together for Bramayugam (2024).

Anjana Jayaprakash plays a strong character with equal screen time as Mammootty’s.

The makers have kept the ending open, with a hint for a sequel.

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As said earlier, the film is a one-man show by Mammootty. The veteran actor cakewalks through Turbo and is an eye candy for his fans.

Raj B Shetty shines as Vetrivel, a ruthless villain-cum-psycho. The Kannada actor is a visual treat in the fight sequences.

Anjana Jayapraksh, as Indulekha, is here to stay.

Bindu Panicker, as Turbo Jose’s mother, gets a meaty role. Her character has a dash of comedy and the senior actor pulls it off with ease.

Shabareesh Varma, as Jerry, plays a pivotal in the film. He does justice to his character.

Niranjana Anoop delivers a fine performance as Jerry’s friend.

Sunil, as Auto Billa, plays a refreshing character.

Final take

Turbo is a pakka mass entertainer. Mammootty and Raj B Shetty’s combination is a treat to watch on big screens.

(Views expressed here are personal.)