A rewind of some of mass masala entertainers of Mammootty

The superstar is returning to mass movies with 'Turbo', a big-budget film bankrolled by his Mammootty Kampany, after two years.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published May 22, 2024 | 5:21 PMUpdatedMay 22, 2024 | 5:21 PM

Turbo marks Mammootty's return to mass movies after two years

Mammootty’s Turbo will have a mega-release worldwide on Thursday, 23 May. It has been charted in several countries, including Ireland, Canada, Croatia, and Australia.

As promised by the makers, Turbo is a mass-masala entertainer. It is considered a big-budget project compared to the previous films produced by Mammootty Kampany.

The Malayalam superstar, during the promotional interviews, stated that Turbo has high-octane action sequences and other quintessential elements that would meet the expectations of his fans.

Interestingly, Turbo will mark Mammootty’s return to mass masala movies after two years.

His recent commercial successes include Bheeshma Parvam (2022; a superhit amid the COVID-19 restrictions), Rorschach (2022), Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam (2023), Kaathal-The Core (2023), Kannur Squad (2023), and Bramayugam (2024).

Ahead of the release of Turbo, let’s check some of the mass masala movies delivered by Mammootty in his 42-year-long career.

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Kottayam Kunjachan (1990)

Mammootty left an indelible mark as Kunjachan in the 1990 Malayalam movie Kottayam Kunjachan.

He plays a jail convict who starts his life afresh by setting up his driving school in a village called Odaangara. A long-standing dispute between two families in the village, how Kunjachan becomes the saviour of a family, and the events that follow lend the story a good momentum.

The movie was directed by TS Suresh Babu and produced by M Mani.

Upon its release, Kottayam Kunjachan became a superhit and also won cult status in the later years.

Similar to this film, Turbo too has Mammootty playing a saviour, who rescues his accomplices when they are in grave danger.

Rajamanikyam (2005)

Mammootty’s Rajamanikyam is a path-breaking mass movie in his career.

In the film, the actor played an illiterate businessman named Rajamanikyam aka Bellary Raja. The character had a flavour of comedy and Mammootty proved his mettle in humour.

He spoke in a language used along the border areas of Thiruvananthapuram, which was never tried in Malayalam cinema until then.

The movie marked the directorial debut of Anwar Rasheed and was a blockbuster.

Thommanum Makkalum (2005)

Thommanum Makkalum is again another mass masala movie that completed 100 days of theatrical run in many cinema halls.

It featured Mammootty, Lal, and Rajan P Dev in the titular roles.

In this Shafi’s directorial, Mammootty and Lal appeared as the sons of Rajan P Dev, who played a thief named Thomman.

The story begins with the trio deciding to change their ways and start a new life by working hard. They purchase a lorry and search for work when the vehicle breaks down near Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu.

Here, they accidentally meet a father-daughter duo, who try to commit suicide due to oppression. The rest of the movie is about how Thomman and his sons come to the rescue of the father-daughter duo.

The action-comedy entertainer left the audience in splits in theatres. It still enjoys a good re-watch value on television.

Thommanum Makkalum was remade into Tamil as Majaa (2005) with Vikram reprising the role of Mammootty. However, the Tamil version didn’t do well at the box office.

Mayavi (2007)

Mayavi is a typical commercial film with all ingredients like comedy, action, and songs.

Directed by Shafi, this mass masala movie starred Mammootty as Mahi aka Mayavi, a criminal.

The film revolves around a feud between two families and Mahi coming to the rescue of the innocent ones.

The action sequences were a major highlight of the flick.

Mayavi also had good comedy scenes between Salim Kumar and Mammootty.

The movie was a commercial success.

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Annan Thampi (2008)

Annan Thampi is the second association of Mammootty and director Anwar Rasheed after Rajamanikyam.

The movie casts Mammootty in a dual role as twin brothers—Appu and Achu.

Appu always runs into trouble. Achu is a mute person. Their father separates them due to sibling rivalry. Appu is sent to his relatives’ house in Pollachi.

Even after 30 years, Appu is not on talking terms with Achu. Making things worse, some misunderstandings created by villain Govindan (played by Siddique) turn the siblings into foes. They even try to kill one another. However, they realise the truth and take on Govindan.

Mammootty delivered a mesmerising performance as twins.

The fight sequences between the siblings are one of the film’s highlights.

Annan Thampi was a commercial hit, too.

Pokkiri Raja (2010)

Pokkiri Raja is the debut directorial of Vysakh, who is helming Turbo. The filmmaker proved his mettle in delivering mass masala movies.

His association with Mohanlal saw the blockbuster Pulimurugan (2016), the first Malayalam movie to rake in ₹100 crore.

Pokkiri Raja narrates the story of Kunnath Raja aka Madhura Raja (Mammootty) and his brother Kunnath Surya Narayanan (played by Prithviraj Sukumaran).

Upon its release, the film was termed a replica of a mass masala Tamil/Telugu entertainer as it featured fast songs in regular intervals.

Pokkiri Raja also starred Mammootty as a quirky person who speaks wrong English.

It was the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 2010. A sequel to the movie, titled Madhura Raja, was released in 2018.

Bheeshma Parvam (2022)

Mammootty plays a Kochi-based don named Michael Appan in Bheeshma Parvam. Appan is backstabbed by his henchmen. What follows next makes a riveting watch.

The action thriller boasts some amazing visuals and high-octane fight scenes directed by Amal Neerad.

The Malayalam movie was a super hit upon its release and was widely appreciated for its cinematography, screenwriting, direction, and performances.

The perfect mass masala movie was also a visual feast for Mammootty’s fans as it captured the superstar in a powerful role. Indeed, the actor was a surprise in the action sequences.

Mammootty continued his success streak after this film with Rorschach, Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam, Kaathal-The Core, etc.

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