Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha review: An experimental love story that is vocal about caste system in art

Writer-director Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval adopts a non-linear format to narrate this love story set in three time periods.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published:May 17, 2024

'Sureshanteyaum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha' is directed by Ratheesh Poduval

Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha (Malayalam)

16-05-2024, Drama/Comedy, 2 hours 20 mins U
  • Main Cast:Rajesh Madhavan, Chithra Nair, Kunchako Boban, and Sudheesh
  • Director:Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval
  • Producer:Emmanuel Joseph and Ajith T
  • Music Director:Dawn Vincent
  • Cinematography:Sabin Uralikandy



Though spin-offs haven’t worked well in Malayalam cinema, expectations are running high for Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval’s latest directorial Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridhayahariyaya Pranayakadha.

The lead characters in the film, Suresh (Rajesh Madhavan) and Sumalatha (Chithra Nair), were also part of Ratheesh’s superhit movie Nna Thaan Case Kodu.

Kunchako Boban, who appeared in the 2022 flick as Kozhummel Rajeev, acts as a key link between the two films.

While Nna Thaan Case Kodu dealt with social issues, Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridhayahariyaya Pranayakadha focuses on a love story and is also vocal about some serious issues.

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Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha is a time travel movie

‘Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha’ is narrated in non-linear format. (Supplied)

The film starts with Kunchako Boban’s Kozhummel Rajeev finding a small replica of the Taj Mahal, a representation of love, in the sea.

Ratheesh uses a non-linear format to show the three different timelines by showcasing the teenage, youth, and present age of the lead characters.

However, this might be confusing for an average moviegoer for whom films mean entertainment.

Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridhayahariyaya Pranayakadha is essentially a love story.

Another important aspect of the movie is theater. Following in his father’s footsteps, Suresh, too, starts working for a theater group.

Suresh also uses his theater background to nurture his romantic relationship with Sumalatha. Their melodramatic conversation adds the required punch to the scenes.

In Nna Thaan Case Kodu, Suresh and Sumalatha are shown to be in deep love with each other. But here, in this spin-off movie, their love story has several twists and turns, which if revealed now would be a spoiler.

The families of Suresh and Sumalatha, too, play a vital role in the plot.

How the couple overcomes all obstacles forms the crux of the film.

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Though the love story is the core element of the flick, the director is critical of the caste system and right-wing politics in the plot.

The dialogue that “only upper caste members were allowed in the drama” is a classic example of how actors from backward castes are not given opportunities in any mainstream art form like cinema and theater.

Filmmaker-writer Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval adopts a different take in the climax, suggesting that not all love stories have a positive ending.

Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridhayahariyaya Pranayakadha, too, is set against the backdrop of the Kasargod and Kannur districts of Northern Kerala. The director has been instrumental in crafting films in this terrain, which haven’t been explored much by Malayalam filmmakers earlier.


Rajesh Madhav and Chithra Nair play key in the movie

Rajesh Madhav and Chithra Nair play the lead in ‘Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha. (Supplied)

The major highlight of the movie is its storytelling style. A love story told in a non-linear format is a commendable effort.

One might feel as if they are watching a time travel film as the characters are shown as aged ones in one scene and as youngsters in another.

The background score by Dawn Vincent elevates the sequences to a larger extent. The melodies have a retro feel and go by the mood of the storyline since it is set in different periods.

The sets erected for the drama sequences are brilliant. Cinematographer Sabin Uralikandy and director Ratheesh have done an amazing job of capturing them.

Ratheesh’s decision to make a spin-off deserves appreciation. He maturely weaves the social issues into a love story and showcases how they affect the lives of the lead characters.

The fantasy elements add value to the film.

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Rajesh & Chithra are show-stealers

Rajesh Madhavan as Suresh and Chithra Nair as Sumalatha are the show-stealers.

A theater actor himself, Rajesh performs his role of a lover with ease. His looks in three time periods have come out well.

The romantic scenes between Rajesh and Chithra Nair are some of the takeaways of the movie.

Chithra Nair carries the role without many hiccups. Her dialogue delivery is too good.

Senior actor Sudheesh as Sumalatha’s father is exceptionally good. His makeover as an old man is quite interesting. The actor is brilliant as a drama artist and a crooked father, who flaunts his upper caste status.

Kunchako Boban as Kozhummel Rajeev appears in crucial scenes and is effective.

Most of the other actors are newcomers. They have done their part well.


Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hridayahariyaya Pranayakadha has its moments. The experimental filmmaking by Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval and the performance by the lead actors make it worth watching.

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