Strangely, no Telugu film has impressed OTT audience this week

One important takeaway is that a film's success in theatres doesn't always translate to the same level of response on OTT platforms.

BySouth First Desk

Published Apr 13, 2024 | 6:59 PMUpdatedApr 13, 2024 | 7:06 PM


The difference between the theatre experience and watching on OTT from the comfort of your home cannot be measured sometimes.

That is why some films do not get the same result in OTT as much as it was praised in theatres.

On Friday, 11 April, as many as four movies were released in the Telugu OTT space. There are three main ones to mention—Telugu dubbed Malayalam blockbuster Premalu (2024) has been well received despite its delay.

It was a super hit with a collection of more than ₹20 crore.

Mixed reviews

After Premalu went streaming on Aha on Friday, there were mixed responses from the audience as they said it was overrated, while others expressed their opinion that it was not so good.

Vishwak Sen’s Gaami (2024) is available on Zee 5. The difference between the experience of watching with Dolby on the big screen and the experience of watching it on a small screen with a normal sound without any effect has led to mixed reactions here too.

There is a lot of negativity on Srivishnu’s entertainer Om Bheem Bush (2024). Many expressed the opinion that they could not see it without forwarding it.

It is to be noted that there is no unanimous positive response to any film properly.

While for Yatra 2 (2024), which suddenly arrived without any announcement on Amazon Prime. There was not even a little buzz about the film releasing on OTT.

One important takeaway from this is that a film’s success in theatres doesn’t always translate to the same level of response on OTT platforms.

This disparity was evident in movies like Jathi Ratnalu (2021) and Uppena (2021). However, there are exceptions to this trend. Hanu Man (2023) managed to garner impressive collections and views both in theatres and on OTT platforms.

If you consider the audience’s shift to OTT during the pandemic, their viewing habits have changed significantly.

Contrary to the belief that the genuine viewing experience is lost due to the convenience of streaming, this perception isn’t entirely accurate.