PVR-INOX stops screening Telugu version of ‘Manjummel Boys’

Due to a dispute with the Malayalam film producers, the PVR-INOX stopped screening Malayalam movies in Kerala and other states.

BySouth First Desk

Published Apr 11, 2024 | 5:03 PMUpdatedApr 11, 2024 | 5:03 PM

A poster of the film Manjummel Boys

Almost a week after the Telugu version of the sensational Malayalam hit film Manjummel Boys was released in theatres in the two Telugu states, there have been reports that the PVR-INOX multiplex chain has stopped screening the movie.

This comes amid the dispute between PVR-INOX and Malayalam producers, as reported by South First. The multiplex chain has stopped screening Malayalam films in Kerala due to issues with producers.

However, the abrupt move by PVR-INOX has sparked vehement criticism from Sasidhar Reddy of Mythri Movie Distributors LLP, which is presenting the Telugu dubbed version of Manjummel Boys in the Telugu states.

Sasidhar Reddy questioned the multiplex chain “if the dispute is with the Malayalam producers, why are they stopping the screening of the Telugu version.”

He pointed out that it was unfair to stop the screening, especially when the film was making good profits.

Reddy also took the issue to the notice of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. The chamber convened an emergency meeting on Thursday evening, 11 April.

More details are awaited.

Dispute with Malayalam producers

Due to a dispute with the Malayalam film producers, the PVR-INOX multiplex chain has stopped screening Malayalam movies in Kerala.

According to sources, a few members of the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA) started a new content-providing company named PDC. The producers insisted that all new theatres in Kerala must take films through their new content-providing company.

There was a difference of opinion on this with PVR, the biggest multiplex operator in India. Subsequently, the PVR management decided not to screen any new Malayalam films in their existing properties.

However, an official communication has not yet been released.

When contacted, a senior PVR-INOX official in Kerala told South First that it was only a technical issue.

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