Shane Nigam apologises to Unni Mukundan for his cryptic remark during ‘Little Hearts’ promotions

Shane also came under attack for posting a picture of his sporing a Keffiyeh scarf, supporting the cause of Palestine. He captioned it: "Sudapi From India".

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Published Jun 06, 2024 | 12:02 PM Updated Jun 06, 2024 | 5:23 PM

Shane Nigam apologises to Unni Mukundan

Malayalam actor Shane Nigam has recently issued a public apology to his fellow actor Unni Mukundan and his fans after a controversy erupted on social media over his (Shane) remark.

At the promotional press meet of his upcoming film Little Hearts, held in Dubai earlier this week, Shange Nigam clarified that he had contacted and apologised to Unni Mukundan after the said controversy.

He added that Unni Mukundan had “accepted his apology” and they both were on good terms.

The root cause of controversy

Shane Nigam, Baburaj, Mahima Nambiar, the director duo Anto Jose Pereira-Aby Treesa Paul, and producers have been busy promoting Little Hearts for some time.

The Malayalam film is slated for release on 7 July.

During one such promotional interview in Dubai, which became the talk of the town, the anchor stated that she liked the combination of Mahima Nambiar and Unni Mukundan, who shared the screen in Jai Ganesh (2024).

Mahima and Shane, too, agreed with her.

However, Shane Nigam used the term “UMFI” to refer to Unni Mukundan’s production house—Mukundan Film Production Company (UMFPL). Sadly, “UMFI” translates to a cuss word in Malayalam.

Meanwhile, Babu Raj chipped in saying short forms were popular these days and cited the example of “Fafa” for Fahadh Faasil.

However, the “UMFI” remark didn’t go down well with Unni Mukundan’s fans and right-wing supporters (Unni Mukundan is an avid admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP).

The fans made derogatory statements against Shane Nigam and his family, following which the latter filed a complaint.

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Row over photo 

Shane Nigam wearing Keffiyeh scarf

Shane Nigam wearing a Keffiyeh scarf. (Instagram)

In another incident, Shane Nigam posted a picture of him on Instagram, sporting a Keffiyeh scarf, supporting the cause of Palestine. He captioned: “Sudapi From India”.

“Sudapi” is a word used to (disrespectfully) address the members of the Socialist Democratic Party of India.

The picture, again, came under vehement attack from right-wing supporters.

When Shane was asked about the picture during the press conference, he wondered if there was a religion or caste for god.

He said such differences between humans came from thinking, “What religion or caste does god have?”

Shane Nigam also clarified that his intention was not to spread a message that would separate people on religious lines.

He added that human empathy was universal. “One can live in India and still feel for the death of children in Palestine.”

Further, he said he would be cautious when making statements.

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