No new Eid-Vishu releases at PVR-INOX multiplexes in Kerala owing to issues with producers

A new property of PVR-INOX was opened in Forum Mall, Kochi and this property will also not have Malayalam films.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published Apr 10, 2024 | 6:00 PMUpdatedApr 10, 2024 | 6:00 PM

No new Malayalam releases in PVR-INOX in Kerala this festive season

Four Malayalam films are scheduled for release this Eid-Vishu week — Varshangalkku Shesham, Aavesham, Jai Ganesh, and Marivillin Gopurangal.

All four movies are highly anticipated and are hitting the screens after the Malayalam industry witnessed back-to-back blockbusters.

However, film lovers in Kochi and Trivandrum would be disappointed since these movies will not be screened in the PVR-INOX multiplexes.

What is the reason?

No new major Malayalam films will be screened in the PVR-INOX theatres in Kochi and Trivandrum due to the ongoing issues with distributors and producers about content sharing.

A new property of PVR-INOX was opened in Forum Mall, Kochi on Wednesday, 10 April. However, the theatre will not screen the new Malayalam releases.

According to sources, a few members of the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA) started a new content-providing company named PDC. The producers insisted that all new theatres in Kerala must take films through their new content-providing company.

There was a difference of opinion on this with PVR, the biggest multiplex operator in India. Subsequently, the PVR management decided not to screen any new Malayalam films in their existing properties.

It means the PVR-Lulu and PVR-Oberon in Kochi and PVR-Kripa and PVR-Lulu in Trivandrum won’t screen the new Malayalam films for now.

However, an official communication has not yet been released.

‘Technical issue’

When asked about this, a senior PVR-INOX official told South First that it was only a technical issue.

Miraj Cinemas in Kozhikode, a new multiplex theatre launched a month back ago, has not screened Malayalam films for the same reason.

Earlier too, a similar issue was raised by the Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK).

“Six members of the producer association have formed a new content mastering unit, where they are also making digital prints of new films. When the unit was launched, it was said only newly-built theatres would have to take content (films) from the company. But now, they insisted that renovated theatres also must buy content from them,” FEUOK president Vijaykumar said.

He elucidated that the content provided by the new content mastering unit is not compatible with all projectors. As a result, the theatres will be forced to buy expensive digital projectors.

Siyad Koker, who is the president of the Kerala Film Producers Association on 27 February, told media that FEUOK was putting forward unreasonable suggestions that can’t be taken into consideration by the producers or distributors.

The veteran producer also refused to hold further talks with FEUOK until the existing leadership was changed.

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