Had no intentions to offend anyone: Actor Naga Shaurya clarifies on ‘Rangabali’ spoof videos

The promotional videos show character artist Satya spoofing a few film-media professionals and Naga Shaurya replying to his jibes.

ByPrakash Pecheti

Published Jul 06, 2023 | 7:12 PM Updated Aug 10, 2023 | 1:13 PM

Naga Shaurya Rangabali

Actor Naga Shaurya and his co-actor Satya in Rangabali have been making some quirky stuff of late. Well, it’s off the big screen though.

The promotional videos on YouTube show character artist Satya spoofing a few film-media professionals and Naga Shaurya replying to his jibes as composed as ever.

The videos received an unprecedented response from filmgoers. Now, netizens are demanding that they wouldn’t watch Rangabali until the promo videos are released on YouTube uncensored.

‘Didn’t want to offend anyone’

Rangabali spoof videos with actor Satya

‘Rangabali’ spoof videos with actor Satya. (IamNagaShaurya/ Twitter)

“I learnt that a few people in the media circle were offended by the promotional ‘spoof videos’. Such content should be entertaining, but never go overboard,” the actor said.

The actor felt that the spoof videos should not give way to controversy. So, the team re-edited whatever they felt was offensive and released them later.

“Yes, the response has been humongous. The team came up with the idea. After a few days, Satya called me and asked if we had hurt anyone through our spoof content. I told him that it shouldn’t set a bad precedent,” Naga Shaurya said.

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Rangabali has unique premise’

Starring Naga Shaurya and Yukti Thareja in the lead roles, Rangabali is a romcom directed by Pawan Basamsettii.

The film also features Shine Tom Chacko, Kalyani Natarajan, Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, Satya, Subhalekha Sudhakar, and Anantha Sriram in key roles.

“You’re known to everyone in your native place if you are a multi-millionaire or a king. You can also influence anyone because of the same reasons. Rangabali is based on this unique premise,” the actor elucidated.

“When something good is happening to you, you tend to be in a joyous mood. You wake up with a good vibe unknowingly,” Naga Shaurya said, attributing to the expectations he has towards the film.

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‘Promotions only after final copy’


A poster of ‘Rangabali’. (IamNagaShaurya/ Twitter)

After his popular movies Oohalu Gusagusalade (2014) and Chalo (2018), the 34-year-old actor-writer-producer made a host of films, one after the other. But they didn’t really click at the box office as expected.

Hence, breaking the routine, plunging into the promotional activity at the fag end of the post-production stage, Naga Shaurya admitted that he wanted to promote Rangabali only after watching the final copy.

“We wouldn’t know how a film shapes until it hits the theatres. Some would go through CG (computer graphics) work, music may seem incomplete, and sometimes, editing gets pending. We can’t blame it on someone. We’ve to compromise,” Naga Shaurya replied when asked about his previous works.

Rangabali has crossed all the obstacles and I was able to watch the copy. In fact, I made it clear to the makers that I would promote the film only after watching the final copy. I took the call this time because there were occasions when the results didn’t manifest properly though I confidently promoted my work,” he said.

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On working with newcomers

So, why does the actor keep reiterating in interviews that the director delivered what has been promised on paper?

Naga Shaurya

Telugu actor Naga Shaurya. (ActorNagaShaurya/ Instagram)

Naga Shaurya clarified. “In the end, that’s what we actors need. We need people who keep their word and deliver what has been promised. Well, it doesn’t happen with every individual.”

He hastened to add: “A filmmaker should create a peaceful ambience for actors on the set. I sensed that atmosphere when I worked with the director Pawan during Rangabali. I know that Rangabali would be a good watch. So, I told Pawan that I would do whatever is needed and also insisted that he shouldn’t spoil the project by taking all the tensions to his head.”

Interestingly, the Chalo actor worked with as many as 18 newcomers in his career so far.

“A few films earned me a good name and some got misfired. It doesn’t mean that my decision of choosing a flop director is bad, or choosing a good director is right. It all depends on time. The film industry runs that way here,” Naga Shaurya signed off.

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