Mr Natwarlal review: Tale of a modern Robin Hood but with no bow and arrows

The film is named after one of India's biggest con masters Natwarlal, who repeatedly sold iconic structures, including the Taj Mahal.

ByShashiprasad S M

Published:Feb 24, 2024

Tanush Shivanna in Mr Natwarlal

Mr Natwarlal (Kannada)

23-02-2024, Action, Thriller, 2 hours 10 minutes U/A
  • Main Cast: Tanush Shivanna, Sonal Monteiro, Nagabhushana NS, Rajesh Nataranga, Yash Shetty, and Cockroach Sudhir
  • Director: Lava Kaggere
  • Producer: Tanush Shivanna
  • Music Director: Dharma Vish
  • Cinematography: William David



Are you done watching lousy action dramas with the same old commercial formula of one man (hero) killing thousands (villains) in two parts (sequels)?

Well, Kannada cinema offered some good suspense thrillers in the recent past. After Shakhahaari (2024) comes another thriller bit with a modern touch.

Apart from the normal thefts, robberies and other crimes that exist in our society, the number of cyber crimes and online frauds have become rampant and undetectable to a large extent, all thanks to our dependability on modern technologies and digital lifestyle.

Mr Natwarlal features something similar. Is it good enough or another dud in the name of technology? Let’s login…


Writer-director Lava Kaggere starts the film with some murders and a senior police officer being given the responsibility to solve the cases and bring the culprit/culprits to justice.

Soon, the story shifts to another place where a young man named Ranga is forced to leave his place along with his mother following a family feud.

Even as he shifts to another town, tragedy strikes again for Ranga as he loses his mother and close friends.

Something changes him forever. What makes him change for good or bad is the whole modern tale of Robin Hood to explore for two-plus hours.

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Mr Natwarlal inspired

A still from the film Mr Natwarlal

A still from the film ‘Mr Natwarlal’. (Supplied)

The 1979 Hindi film Mr Natwarlal, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha, and the latest Kannada film with the same title have one thing in common.

Both are heavily inspired by India’s notorious con man who repeatedly sold iconic structures like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the Parliament House of India, to mention a few.

That’s not all! Prominent people whom he cheated include Tatas, Birlas, and even Dhirubhai Ambani. Such was his expertise in “fine crime”.

Mr Natwarlal, like the real-life con artist, helps the poor by robbing the rich. A Robin Hood-like personality, he uses technology and not bow and arrows.

A master of disguise, Natwarlal blends technology and traditional forms of thievery.


One of the drawbacks of this modern tale of Robin Hood is that it requires some time to start enjoying the experience of a suspense thriller.

Otherwise, the newness in the making is quite satisfactory. It certainly deceives the audience, and the efforts to showcase a uniquely modern tale deserve appreciation.

Also, at times, the film lacks clarity and a few things go unanswered at the end.

Apart from Tanush Shivanna in the titular role, Rajesh Nataranga’s performance steals the show.

Dharmavish’s music and background music are another plus point of the movie.

For those who like watching cybercrime, forensic dramas, and suspense thrillers, Mr Natwarlal can be a good experience.


If you have a liking for films based on modern crimes, then Mr Natwarlal comes with some good suspense and thrills in the end.

(Views expressed here are personal.)