Moorane Krishnappa review: A fun laughter riot led by Sampath Maitreya and Rangayana Raghu’s brilliance

Naveen Narayanaghatta's latest directorial is yet another addition to the content-driven films in Kannada.

BySunayana Suresh

Published:May 24, 2024

A poster of the film Moorane Krishnappa

Moorane Krishnappa (Kannada)

24-05-2024, Comedy, 2 hours 21 minutes U/A
  • Main Cast:Sampath Maitreya, Sripriya, and Rangayana Raghu
  • Director:Naveen Reddy
  • Producer:Mohan Reddy and Ravishankar
  • Music Director:Anand Rajavikram
  • Cinematography:Yogi



Moorane Krishnappa, directed by Naveen Narayanaghatta, stars Sampath Maitreya and Rangayana Raghu in the lead roles. It features Sampath in the titular role.

When Veerappa, the local politician, decides to woo his vote bank to get him back to power, he entrusts the nondescript Mathematics teacher named Krishnappa to help him get an influential person as a guest for a temple inauguration.

Krishnappa becomes the overnight hero when his friend promises to bring the chief minister to the event.

What happens thereafter in this village forms the rest of the story.


Moorane Krishnappa is a comedy entertainer

‘Moorane Krishnappa’ is a comedy entertainer. (X)

Moorane Krishnappa is a stark contrast when compared to Naveen Narayanaghatta’s previous films—Akira (2016) and Relax Satya (2019).

This film and its space seem to have him most at ease. The narrative, story, and treatment bring to the screen a heartwarming comedy, which not just entertains but also has a message that strikes the right chord.

The USP of the film is the language and the setting. The maker uses the Kannada dialect spoken in Kolara and Anekal areas, which has a distinct note.

This brings freshness and adds to the charm of the narrative, much akin to how Thithi (2015) highlighted the Mandya dialect and Ulidavaru Kandante (2014) showcased the coastal dialect.

This alone is one of the best bits of Moorane Krishnappa.

Moorane Krishnappa also scores when it comes to both the visuals and the background score and music. There is freshness in the way some of the scenes have been shot. The locations also are pleasing to the eye.

The songs and background score do not interfere with the narrative and instead elevate it. The dialogues, hence, do not get lost and generate the necessary emotions.

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Sampath & Rangayana excel

Naveen's directorial Moorane Krishnappa

Naveen’s directorial ‘Moorane Krishnappa’. (X)

Further, the filmmaker chooses a beautiful story of an underdog, who suddenly becomes the champion and ends up losing that spotlight as quickly.

The trials and tribulations that Krishnappa faces form the narrative of this film, which is headlined by two of the finest actors in the industry today—Sampath Maitreya and Rangayana Raghu. Both actors are in top form, and it is a treat to see them blend into their characters.

Equally charming are the rest of the ensemble who do what is required of them—be it Tukali Santosh, Ugramm Manju or Sripriya.

Moorane Krishnappa has a generous dose of comedy and yet, the emotional core of the movie is not diluted. This is where the film succeeds.

The dialogues deserve a special mention, especially the use of mind voices to add that extra layer of entertainment.

There might be some easy twists that are brought into the narrative in the second half, but they can be overlooked.

The discourse that has been lately seen surrounding the Kannada film industry, in particular this year, is how there have been many big star releases to revive the industry.

While those films might not be in cinema halls, 2024 is going to be the year for talented new teams that narrate stories high on content with seasoned performers.

We saw films like Shakhahaari, Blink, and O2 Charm Hearts. Moorane Krishnappa is going to be yet another addition to the content-driven films in Kannada.

Maybe, it is time that people stop looking at the proverbial green grass on the other side and instead appreciate and celebrate what we have. Well, Moorane Krishnappa is one such.

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Moorane Krishnappa is a film that evokes ample laughter and emotions.

What makes this a must-watch is the fact that Naveen Narayanaghatta has crafted a movie that brings hope and smiles, which is most of all the need and seek in life.

(Views expressed here are personal.)